Traits of Successful People

Lexy Gavin vs Anna Antimony on Poker Evening in The usa!

Weekly Poker Hand #276 from a $10/$25/$50 Women Evening Dollars Sport at Poker Evening in The usa! Let me know if you have any issues! GIVEAWAYS: To enter to acquire 1% of my motion at the Caribbean Poker Get together: You can enter to acquire $1,100 in CardPlayer Match Obtain-ins[…]

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Tricky River Location in a $25/$25 Income Game

Weekly Poker Hand #278: In this hand, Lexy Gavin displays the worth of shielding your examining vary, specifically against aggressive opponents! Permit me know if you have any questions! Cost-free POKER QUIZZES: How to Perform Your Attracts: three-Betting Concepts: Permit me know if there are any subjects you would like[…]

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