What Is SPR? | Poker Quick Plays

This poker video was created by for In this video you will learn all about SPR, a powerful poker concept that helps you visualize commitment. SplitSuit covers what a small, medium, and large SPR look like and also the hands that perform best in each. Calculating SPR is simple, and[…]

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When NOT To Fold Ace King On The Flop | Ask SplitSuit

Not 100% sure how to use SPR? Watch this video first: Bijoyjoseph1 wanted SplitSuit to review a hand from his recent $1/$2 casino trip. He raises AK from UTG, gets 2 callers, and flops top pair/top kicker. After facing a donk bet, SplitSuit analyzes what he would do (hint: raise),[…]

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How To Size Your Bets In Poker | SplitSuit

“The Art of Wager Sizing” full video download and extras at: The Art of Wager Sizing is a finish manual to wager sizing in no limit Texas Hold’em. This notion video addresses both preflop and postflop wager sizing, along with a massive appear at the basic factors for betting in[…]

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