What Is SPR? | Poker Quick Plays

This poker video was created by for In this video you will learn all about SPR, a powerful poker concept that helps you visualize commitment. SplitSuit covers what a small, medium, and large SPR look like and also the hands that perform best in each. Calculating SPR is simple, and[…]

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How Preflop Raise Size Affects Your Postflop Strategy

In today’s video, I go through a Daniel Negreanu hand where he check raises the flop with top pair, top kicker in a recent WSOP $5k online poker tournament. 👀 Nothing too exciting there, but when you factor in the opener made it 2.6x pre, you’ll probably be surprised 🤯[…]

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five Postflop Tricks to EXPLOIT Your Opponents!

Alex Fitzgerald displays you some unconventional postflop performs that he has employed to excellent effect. Alex’s Event Assassin Bundle is $99 thru five/19/19 at Enable me know if you have any inquiries! If you are on the lookout to take your activity to the up coming degree, start out your[…]

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