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Can Marle Cordeiro Get Paid Off on her Big Bet?

Marle Cordeiro squared off against the fearless Frank Stepuchin on Poker After Dark, throwing a huge bet out there on the river, but did she get called? – Watch the new season of Poker After Dark on PokerGO right now: – Subscribe to our YouTube channel: – PokerGO Shop: Connect[…]

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6 Tips to Better Understand and BOOST YOUR WINRATE

Today I’m going to give you 6 tips to help you better understand and BOOST your winrate in tournament poker. I go through the following: 1. What is winrate? 2. Why is it important? 3. What about ROI? 4. What winrates can a solver produce? 5. What can affect your[…]

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When to BLUFF with AK? – Poker Hand Review #13

Sometimes it makes sense to bluff with AK. Sometimes it doesn’t. This is an example of a spot where it makes perfect sense, because of the line that the Villain takes. These poker hand review videos are meant to teach you a little bit of poker strategy in a nutshell[…]

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