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What Is SPR? | Poker Quick Plays

This poker video was created by for In this video you will learn all about SPR, a powerful poker concept that helps you visualize commitment. SplitSuit covers what a small, medium, and large SPR look like and also the hands that perform best in each. Calculating SPR is simple, and[…]

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Which Poker Reserve? Apps vs. Poker&#39s one% | SplitSuit

Which poker e-book should really I browse following between “Poker’s one%” and “Apps of NLHE”? Which is the concern in this video, and SplitSuit breaks it down to support you make a decision for on your own. Continue to keep in mind that equally textbooks are stable, and equally choose[…]

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Poker Guide: Compact Stakes Keep Em Evaluate

Compact Stakes Keep Em by Ed Miller & Mason Malmuth is the ideal Texas Keep ‘Em technique guide I’ve ever study, in particular at the minimal stakes. Continuously successful poker games that characteristic a whole lot of players contacting a whole lot of flops and contacting down to the river[…]

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