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How to Play Scopa – With a Poker Deck – Italian Card Game

@0:37 Card Values @1:31 Gameplay @3:28 Scoring Would you like to learn how to play the Italian card game Scopa but don’t have Italian cards? Let me show you how to play this popular game with a standard poker-style deck of cards. Buy Italian Playing Cards: By Christopher Cannucciari[…]

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How to Play: The Settlers of Catan

Buy it here: (Amazon Affiliate Link) Mira este video en español: It’s easy to see why The Settlers of Catan has been recognized as a best-selling Game of the Year in both Germany and the U. S. We found this game to be fun and engaging for both children and[…]

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How to Perform: Poker – Texas Keep&#39em

Get it in this article: Common Poker policies and conditions: Understanding poker hand ranks: Texas keep ’em (also identified as Texas holdem, keep ’em, and holdem) is a variation of the card activity of poker. resource

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