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Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 20 | Claudico: Part 3

Tom Schneider carpet bombs donkeys, and we conclude our artificial intelligence feature highlighting “Claudico”, and advanced poker playing AI. Featuring Tom Schneider, Dan Wolf, Mike Vierheller, David Baker, Jack Schanbacher, Phil Laak, Igor “Eric” Ioffe, and Mark “Pegasus” Smith. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY AGAINST THE PROS ON NATIONAL[…]

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I QUIT! I quit my 80k/year job to play poker and follow my dreams. Poker VLOG Ep. 16. (No hands)

Spoiler alert. In this video I do what every poker player dreams of doing. I talk about quitting my full-time accounting job to pursue playing poker for a living. I’ll be selling my belongings, picking up, and moving out to Las Vegas by October 1, 2017, maybe sooner. I keep[…]

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