2017 poker

Jonathan Small: ‘Show me the bluff please’!

A hand involving Jonathan Small and Preben Stokkan in the course of the 2017 PartyPoker Caribbean $ten.300 Substantial Roller function in Punta Cana. Poker Movie Compilations ► Poker Tournament Highlights ► Live Poker ‘Sick’ Fingers ► All time common poker fingers ► On line poker enjoyable fingers ► Pot limit[…]

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TOM DWAN IS Lacking Yet again!

Breaking News! There are substantial stakes funds video games on Poker Following Dim, but Tom “Durrrr” Dwan is nowhere to be found! Phil Hellmuth shears a drunk idiot for $ten,000. Poker Evening In The usa crowns a new champion on King of the Hill. Doug Polk launches cryptocurrency information internet[…]

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