Texas Holdem

Super Salty Mood in Las Vegas

Every day can’t be rainbows and butterflies, even when you live in Las Vegas. I’m salty as FUCK My Patreon Account : music by: Use coupon code TROOPER10 for 10% off at BLINDSQUIRRELAPPAREL.COM !!! Mail Time: Tim Watts 5130 S. Fort Apache Rd. #215-212 Las Vegas, NV, 89148 My Channel:[…]

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REDEMPTION 5/4 5/6 5.17.2017

REDEMPTION 5/4 5/6 set aiming 2″ in front of the wall w/ spin. Did 50 throws to see how often we hit certain numbers gamble gambling Craps Craps table casino casinos dice dice setting dice influencing dice control full press dangerous arm ck winning how to beat Vegas Vegas Las[…]

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All In with the Ladies!

Hey, remember way back at the start of my vlog project when we visited a girl named Marie? Well, she’s back! Haircut tiiiiime. Let’s ask her a few questions while we’re here. Then it’s back to the Las Vegas Strip, for some Bellagio 5/10 no limit games. And we wrap[…]

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