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We have major set KKK but get Raised on a rainbow flop. DAFAQ? [Heads up] [three/three]

Hello fellas,

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This is a tremendous unusual hand. We flop major set and face unanticipated motion. We set the trap – but are we the just one going to be trapped??
Check out the motion and enable me know.

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  1. you play with realla money

  2. A check raise at the turn would have helped you to gain a lot of info..

  3. hey Goonjan another great sexy vid!! i like your line just would have much more preferred just a raise to around 15k because i if hes a good player the only hand you can get value from is pocket 5's and he has you beat most of the time he calls your all in

  4. If you have A4 and 64s in range you could probably min-raise KK and your straights and some bluffs, and fold KK to a jam. You'll have 16c of A4, 4c of 64s and 6c of KK. So vs a Jam you probably would need to defend less than half your range, so I think you could safely fold KK in that spot, and defend with A4 and 64s.

  5. K4 it's better to call river than KJ, you block 64s and A4. At the river it's better to block than linearize your calling range.

  6. Keep up the videos Goonjan. I lived in India for 6 years 2006-2012 in Delhi and Goa. I played poker from time to time on the riverboats in Panjim but the rake was insane.(They were taking 10% with NO cap) I read that poker is really taking off in India now and I am enjoying your videos as part of that. Go Go Go!

  7. You are probably not bluffing enough if you think your opponent won't call that shove with two pair or a set of threes. You could have A3h, A5h, AQh, AJh, T9h or even a bare A5, A3, QQ, JJ that you turned into a bluff. If you bluff at a more optimal percentage then you will even get looked up sometimes in that spot with weak kings and pocket pairs 99+. Also consider the profit you will make bluffing if your opponent only calls when he has the nuts. How often does he really hold the magic cards? Mostly not.


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