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Poker Travels to Worth-City

A excursion to Sacramento on the horizon, I head to the area “blessed-woman” to get in one past St. Louis session that turns into 2 classes…

BTW: The FB page outlined in my past vlog was shutdown by facebook thanks to it “impersonating Jaman Burton”…wtf?

So I setup yet another 1:

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  1. Facebook is so ridiculous. They've disabled my page again because they think i'm impersonating "Jaman Burton". Haha. Insane. So ignore the link at the end of the video because my FB page is currently "under review" while they attempt to determine that I'm not impersonating myself!

  2. Hey man,
    got a question to the hand at 8:48.. why do you lead out with a set of deuces here 3-handed on the flop?

  3. Well on my way to Vegas!!! Going to meet Andrew and Brad at the MUG on the 9th

  4. When jaman snap calls that all ib with middle pair i wanted him to add a clip of negan saying "my nutsack is made of steel"

  5. Jaman,
    I can’t find that book mental poker. How did you get it ?

  6. that funkytown/valuetown is excellent lol

  7. liking those outtakes at the end lol

  8. I'm digging the prince shirt! Minneapolis baby!

  9. 781 up

  10. Jaman, love the vlog, relatively new to the poker world, used to only play once or twice a year, but now playing once a week on average. I've been watching you, Andrew Neeme, Johnny Vibes, Matt Vaughn; however, your style of play mirrors mine best, great stuff. I hit my biggest payday yesterday, $1172, on a $1-2 table, $290 buy-in. Had to share with you how crazy it was, though, had A's six different times, A's never got cracked, and got paid big 3 times, not sure that will ever happen again. Keep the Vlogs coming, I'm a big fan, thanks, Fej

  11. Just like when your fishing…. He lurks and lurks and finally bites after four wiggles!

  12. ive watched alot of poker vloggers but ur the only one i cant wait till his videos come out and that i went back and watched like all ur episodes. ur a decent player dont go up stakes. stick to 1-2/2-5

  13. How's your eye surgery been ? Any issues ?

  14. U never think to get robbed in the Parking lot?! Given u have so much Money with u

  15. I cringed seeing that check back with A10 and I expected him to show up with AK, A9, A3. I feel like if he had AQ, 99 or 33 he would have bet all 3 streets

  16. Why call 100ish w/ k4s vs 74s and you only had 2nd pair? Judgement call i guess

  17. Nice vlog Jaman

  18. Love seeing your Vlogs! Getting ready to head to Vegas in about a week.

  19. its no carrying the ones involed lol

  20. Jaman – who does the rap at the end of the vlog?

  21. Jaman…did you see live at the bike today? They decide to run it twice and the guy changes his mind. One player flops a set of 7's and the other guy flops a pair of 9's w/ a 3 kicker…2 hearts on board. The pair of 9's guy changes his mind after the other dude shows the set and goes runner runner heart for a flush to win +/- 7k. Floor gets called over and rules against the set of 7's guy. Shady or ok?

  22. Cracking vlog and good win. 🙂

  23. great job on your vlogs bud


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