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Daniel Beringer – $six Heads Up Hyper Turbo Sit and Gos

Hi All,

My name is Daniel Beringer. I am a section-time poker player with experience participating in on line as perfectly as live. Although event poker has been my biggest concentrate around the previous handful of yrs, I am seeking to get extra experience with sit and gos as perfectly as income games. Lately, I’ve been participating in heads-up hyper turbo SNGs on America’s Cardroom and wanted to share my live, in-game investigation with you. None of my movies are edited and all commentary is in the moment. This makes it possible for you to genuinely get a feel for my true imagined process as just about every hand unfolds. Of study course, this also usually means these movies will not be the most polished or in depth as far as investigation is concerned. I will be putting up new movies just about every week and will test to blend up my movies with some six max and nine person SNGs as perfectly. You should stay tuned for potential movies and subscribe to my channel!



  1. nice video thanks!

  2. Amazing content, Great video keep them coming šŸ˜‰

  3. ACR is rigged as can be…The suckouts are just impossibly unreal. I couldn't do it. when you play proper poker on this site you get fucked by suckouts especially at lower stakes. I dunno it didn't matter how value oriented I tried to play seems like in the bigger pots I always got into some how some way someone would always hit their 2-5 outter.


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