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How to Engage in a FLUSH in No Restrict Hold’em – Dollars Activity Poker Suggestions

In this hand from my reader Enos, I discuss how to engage in significant hands like a flush in No Restrict Hold’em. I’ve shared some poker strategies for this type of the dollars sport applying my phase by phase technique and I crack down every single road and discuss how to make decisions in rough spots. What would you have accomplished? Would you connect with or fold with a flush in this dollars sport? Share your ideas in a comment below.

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  1. I think, preflop is just a fold. It look like one of those, where a live player get bored, pick up some marginal suited hand, and then decide to get involved a bit more, than he probably should. As played the flop is a clear raise. We flopped the nuts, so lets get that pot growing.

  2. OK, here is the deal, calling on the flop with 3 players in the hand, hmmm. makbe ok, but when it got raised to 50, i am all in right there! take it down, only bad things can happen to you here. ok then cal the 50 check it to him and then when he bets go all in. Alec, this is what you taught me, Passivity almost always loses!

  3. Doesn’t matter how you play it it’s a cooler!best way to play that hand is to fold preflop!he was never folding top 2!

  4. FWIW I actually think a likely hand is something like JQ one spade with his play up until river. When he river rips it becomes drastically less likely and you'll see the boat a lot. I lead rip river all day though and if checking never fold.

  5. I think that you will see a lot of people at these stakes continuing to bet (TOP2) on the turn, with a mindset of controlling the pot size and checking back unimproved rivers with position. The guy will likely be thinking, if I check back here, then I'm waving the white flag and when he (inevitably) leads the river, I won't know what to do.

    If he doesn't think he can fold vs river leads after checking, then betting makes sense (bar removing bluff catching and opening up to the C/R (but thats also a much easier fold)). It's basically like a sanity control blocker bet to avoid the 'river sigh call, I won't be bluffed' scenario. You get a ton of players who will adjust their play accordingly to their willingness or unwillingness to fold vs 'potential' bluffs.

    He bets kinda small on turn, its kinda weak looking & indicative of this mindset (it's actually not cause his SPR is set up nicely for river jams) but most of the time it will be pot based bets not SPR set up bets regardless of texture (and we have nuts, so setting up SPR for river jams makes no sense unless he is running a multi street bluff or trying to convey that he is (v unlikely).

    Trying to bluff off smaller flushes will generally be a larger sizing, cause its basically a one and done line. So we are left with the pot control sanity bet or some weird value (when we have nuts). That said, the weird value is not so weird when you start giving him Qs/Js and a smallish turn bet / check back river line has some merits.

  6. this was passive play from start to end. calling, calling, calling. how do we win playing passively?

  7. I don't want to insult anyone, but wouldn't it be possible that villain was playing correct from exploitable perspective? He could have thought that hero was simply not a good player and would be calling with worse hand. Especially considering how hero played before that and what I assume is not a very aggressive image.

  8. He turned his twopair on the turn into a bluff. Thats not super unlikely. Not saying that its brillant.

  9. i think his turn bet is understandable given how much weakness hero portrayed…he was basically bluffing with 4 outs…and face it, you are folding a lot of smaller flushes and probably even sets too. that 4th spade was actually a pretty bad card.

  10. I’d probably raise the flop in hero’s shoes because like Alec said, two pair and 77 just aren’t folding to pretty much anything. They’re going to at least want to see the turn.

  11. yay! another HOTD….seems like it's been a couple of weeks, if not longer….glad you are keeping them coming.

  12. Alec, gotta few questions.

    Flop: What range would you raise for value/bluff or flat call? What hands would you fold?

    I like your analysis a lot, but it would be better if you would explain how to play such a spot in a more general way not only this exact hand. 🙂

  13. Definitely a raise on the flop so many hands that can call us here and another spade or possibly any straight card will kill our action or at least should, dont see how he bets this turn with A10…it just goes to show that players are pretty clueless at the lower levels which sometimes makes them harder to play because its so hard to range them sometimes.


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