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Whole length Training Online video: Significant Fundamentals of Preflop Engage in

We deep dive into the fundamentals for limited, intense pre-flop poker and enable you to make great selections during your game.

:ten — Intro to Preflop Fundamentals
six:44 — Proposed opening ranges
seventeen:54 — Responding to Opens
30:01 — Responding to Limpers
40:04 — To three wager or to Flat
54:18 — Responding to three bets

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  1. Anyway you could share a sheet of the different ranges for each position?

  2. I have a specific list of things that I warn my students about.
    "If the guy says x, y, or z, you're better off just turning the video off and looking for something else. These are a combination of antiquated, meaningless, incorrect ideas. I think this guy hit every single one of my top five "things clueless poker people say" in the first few minutes of this video.
    I wish there was some good, free content out there for live Nlh. There seems not to be. I would suggest you watch my "Update your game" videos. And maybe my series called TTOC (the Tao of C betting), and maybe then the OPP series (over powered poker). Bart Handon is pretty damn good at breaking down hands. But,.. idk, id just not watch this stuff and take it seriously

  3. This is an amazing amazing resource as someone super new to the game. I have to ask though, why are we opening something like Q8s at HJ but not K8s? I know it's less gapped but I thought the value of the potential higher pair of K's on the flop plus K being a slightly better overcard would outweigh this. Should I just be looking at equity calculations?

  4. Hey great video. Just dont understand the part about A2 not being able to flop a double gutshot. As far as i know A3 can't either? What am is missing here

  5. Like the video.

  6. thanks for an excellent video. played with some range adjustments in my live game yesterday and it really helped my decision-making. wondering where/how the SB/BB ranges fit in? is there info on that somewhere?

  7. You advocate for a strategy that punishes players that like to see flops.
    I want to ask you what's your adjustment for the CA drop rake?
    In 5/5 if we create 3-way pots where the villains fold on the flop or turn, we are looking at pots $60–$120 on which we pay rake $6-$8.
    In heads-up pots it gets worst: $6 rake (+tip) for a $50 pot, if the villain plays fit-or-fold on the flop.
    Is the strategy that you are proposing still profitable?

  8. It's cool that such a long informative video is uploaded here, but I guess most viewers are familiar with more or less points of the video. So I would recommend for "the next time" to put timestamps down into the description, because more experienced players can pick only the points they aren't good at yet. Nonetheless thank you for uploading this!

  9. Good video!

  10. It's called being Tight Aggressive and is a proven way to be profitable at cash games…I play this style and make $35-$40 an hr at $2-$5 NL cash that too tight?

  11. Lol this guy is horrible at poker


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