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When Phil Ivey won the 2005 FTP Monte Carlo $120k Invitational Poker Tournament

Highlights and best hands from Phil Ivey’s win at the 2005 Full Tilt Poker Monte Carlo $120k Invitational Poker Tournament.
This tournament, known as “Full Tilt Poker Invitational” took place in Monte Carlo, in 2005. It featured a $120,000.00 buy-in, and 7 entries – the 6 players you’re about to see plus Mike Matusow. The first three players got paid $120k, $280k and $600k respectively.
Apparently, this tournament served to promote Full Tilt Poker. Due to the tournament’s steep blind structure, the game ended up being an “All-In Fest”. This is why the quality of poker played in the hands you’re about to see cannot be compared, obviously, to that of major poker events.
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  1. All in bingo tournament bullshit

  2. Glad hellmuth got knocked out quickly

  3. shut up howard

  4. Stupid blind structure

  5. What was ulliot even doing in this tournament he seems to be such a fish…

  6. Why Juanda looks like a freaking retard.

  7. Hahahaha Phil hellmuth in a suit

  8. Just ridiculous with the suits

  9. Best times of televised poker
    Many players with character and not only autists in hoodies

  10. Lmao 8:54 you can hear Matusow laughing like there's no tomorrow

  11. Ivey is savage…

  12. juanda had trips


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