Texas Holdem

Stay Casino Hold’em® Poker (Discuss Russian) Invented by Stephen Au-Yeung ©2000.

Stephen Au-Yeung (Legend of New Desk Game titles) The Inventor/Creator of:​
1. Casino Hold’em®. LiveCasinoHoldem.com
* The Number-1 Casino-Poker and Stay-Offer Poker enjoy On the internet. Totally free-Engage in at: CasinoHoldemGO.com
* The Very first, Speediest and Patented Texas Hold’em against the Casino ©2000. Totally free Stay Casino Hold’em® at: FreeCasinoHoldem.com
* In Dec/2017 it become The Very first and The Only Stay-Offer On the internet-Poker enjoy in United states. CasinoHoldemUSA.com

two. Unlimited® Blackjack™. UnlimitedBlackjack.com
* The Very first Blackjack for Endless-Gamers, exactly where All-Gamers share a one Blackjack-Hand ©2006. FreeUnlimitedBlackjack.com

three. Raise’em® Poker-Plus™. RaiseemPokerPlus.com
* The Number-1 Poker-Progressive in South-Africa with 150+ Tables mounted, associate with TCS-JohnHuxley ©2012.

four. Casino Hold’em® Jumbo-7®. CasinoHoldemJumbo7.com
* The Very first 7-Card Progressive, associate with Evolution-Gaming ©2017.

5. Contrast® Bonus-Baccarat™. ContrastBonus.com
and Ten20® Bonus-Blackjack™. Ten20Bonus.com
* Husband or wife with ABBIATI.

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