How to Win Poker Tournaments

‘IT’S THE TROOPER’ … Poker at The Westgate Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Poker with The Trooper! Then Pond Boy performs tournament poker. Poker Vlog #76

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  1. do NOT DRIVE while vloging!!!!

  2. congrats on the weight loss! stick with the healthy eating & hit the weights.

  3. Boy Howdy. You sure have some serious run good going!

  4. Pretty good start to the year, huh? Great job. It took you 18 holes to score 75 in golf? I can do that in 9 holes! 😉

  5. Its about that time for email's to be sent out. I haven't even study and don't even think i'll be prepared to go to Cherokee in April WSOP Circuit event. I am deeply sorry about this. Right now its late march and still no reply and job application is still open and I believe they aren't getting apps in.

    Tony thank you for being my support system through these times. I am so sorry that job searching has resulted into me stopping the collaboration. Also I been going through a lot of different feels and it finally feels like I am not being extorted. Also this is my once in 5 years COA month. I been doing a lot and changing a lot.

    Good luck in future videos.

  6. You've been on an awesome upswing with your poker. I'm really happy for you!

  7. Another great vlog Tony!

  8. Trooper has such ADHD , he can't even sit still! He lost over a grand! The rumors are when his lease is up, he's done playing poker because he has to move back home! No bankroll left!

  9. The music was a tad over bearring on this one.

  10. Thanks for vloging and sharing, congrats on losing weight, nice to see the golf action

  11. Tony are you playing the senior event at Cherokee on April 15th


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