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Beginner Blacksmith Challenge 2: Fire Poker

This is my second challenge participation as a beginning blacksmith: Forging a fire poker. As we have a full set for the fireplace inside the house, I decided to make a more rugged one for the firepit in the back yard. It is made from 1/2″ round mild steel. As I still do not have a real forge, I resorted to my chimney charcoal starter for heat, but added a blow pipe and the outflow from a shop-vac for my forced air. It worked wonderfully; however, the heat produced was 1) insufficient for fire welding and 2) more than the chimney starter could handle and it buckled into uselessness. While I made do again with the firepit itself, and then with bricks and gas torches, I know I have to build or buy a forge to continue this adventure. As it is, the poker works, but it is not the finished product I wanted to make. Still, I must post the bad with the good all the same.

The other participants in this challenge are listed below, and their products are amazing:

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My thanks to Warped Legacy, Not Only Wood, and the other contributors to this month’s challenge.

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  1. Hey man, I totally enjoyed your video. I like the fact that you are working with what you have and not hung up on having the perfect setup. That thick round piece of stock you used for setting the rivet might be better anvil than the rr track. Your poker came out great and probably better than what I could do. Nice job!

  2. Looks like it will poke! Great video! I'm sure it was frustrating for you, but I enjoyed seeing your different "forges" as the project progressed. Keep up the great stuff. Define Your Legacy!

  3. I like the twisted turkey foot idea. Nice one


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