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FNaF Superior Faculty portion 14

sorry that it was so quick my mouse is about to die change shortly it was really hard to even get this completed and out to you men i am so sorry but i will never be equipped to upload any FNaF higher Faculty i will try to get FNaF Superior Faculty again to be a each day thing….Chica reveals Bonnie to Foxy following showing her all around the faculty…Bonnie is Chica’s finest close friend and the upcoming day Cookie,Lol-Little bit,and Chica told her about the prank they did on Nightmare,Springtrap,and N.Bonnie… and Foxy told Bonnie the real truth that in that faculty



  1. Yo Roxy foxy I gave u a shout out on my channel m8

  2. stop hates on the YouTuber gosh

  3. I'm unsubscribing to ur channel until u quit FOXCIA and start FANGEL!!!


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