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Doug Polk Talks About Profitable $three.six MILLION Pounds | Poker Everyday living Podcast

A single Fall CHAMP Doug Polk (three.six MILLION Greenback WINNER) joins me once more on this Poker Everyday living podcast stay from the Earth Collection of Poker in Las Vegas at Polk Palace.
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  1. Joe keeps eye fucking Doug to death

    Just bend him over Joe I don’t see Doug resisting to much

  2. Just kiss him already

  3. Both you two are the shit

  4. A giveaway ?

  5. What is on your head?

  6. That green bra on Joe very sexy 😛

  7. Douglas , I really think you could start an alternative news channel . Mix laughs with some serious topics

  8. DRINKING GAME: Take a shot every time Doug adjusts his hat
    WARNING: You will be fuk'd up

  9. Put your hat on straight Doug! Wearing it like that makes you look like a douche bag.

  10. how much weed as smoked by joe before this podcast? or did he get pink eye from polker?

  11. Doug would crush dat 25k plo tourney

  12. FUCKKK why does Doug have to be such a bro!! I hope I win the fucking giveaway just so I get to link up Doug

  13. Did i miss the free crack giveaway?

  14. #Dougpolk 2%

  15. " The great game of PLO" a little annoying, isn't it? The great game is Holdem not PLO, thats why the main event is Holdem and the biggest and most popular tourneys are Holdem 😉

  16. when am I getting my 30k?

  17. Doug says his future interests are in crypto… Specific question, is there any site that sidesteps the American Online Poker Ban with Bitcoin Buyin/Payout? If not, why not? Would be great to hear you get into this topic..have you already VLOG'd in depth on this topic already?

  18. You guys spoke on a couple points:
    1) Discussing controversy.
    2) Branching out to other ventures.

    Do you guys ever discuss combating government corruption, aka banning online poker in free world?

    Have you ever looked at a poker site that gambles crypto as a solution?

    Do you have any VLOGs that get into this topic?

    I wish poker players engaged more with these important issues, we just leave the country and take it, but it's bullshit, a huge Hitler-like red flag, banning poker, and everyone pretty much says nothing, not cool!

  19. when joey talks about Jerry Yang and does his impression "one million" omg i literally jumped off my bed laughing so fakin hard

  20. The first rule for world domination (aka the Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump and their overlord types plus all their loyal followers): never ever ever ever ever ever, never ever ever ever ever admit guilt, ever, never ever!

  21. someone name me a reptilian poker player

  22. Doug is such a genuinely good dude. I'm glad he's having the time of his life and running well in poker and life, he fucking deserves it.

  23. This is poker podcast heaven 4 me

  24. David won't even say shit because he lost BOTH of his buy ins in the one drop hahaha

  25. Congrats to vanessa beat the game and beat luke!!!!

  26. for sure best pod I've seen

  27. Love your content, Joey.

  28. r:e: marked cards, just let them know you are happy if they are wrong; if you complain and they are wrong then they are fucked, just complain if you have an issue

  29. Upswing is the biggest training site?? That is incredible, wp

  30. i hope luke schwartz wins the giveaway

  31. affiliate sleeves lol

  32. Keep it up DP!!

  33. What is it with all the "like" Doug? 14:3114:46 you said "like" at least 10 times :P, jokes aside though. Don't worry about all the butthurt people and all the people that don't stand for anything and can't handle it when you talk about, what some people seems to think, are sensitive topics. All you do is talk honestley about different stuff and that's what the world need more of.

  34. Doug went bodyguard hard on joey, money shameing him, pay jump line was brutal. Funny tho

  35. Honestly why do people call doug a douche bag?

  36. I just clicked here to say " NOBODY CARES". That is all

  37. Timestamps courtesy of David Huber (Thanks, David!)

    (0:00) Intro, Live from Doug's Vegas-area stomping grounds
    (1:25) Doug's One Drop win still hasn't completely sunk in
    (2:10) Doug shows off WSOP High Roller for One Drop Bracelet
    (2:55) One Drop + Tag Team winners' photo story from 2016
    (4:45) Doug's One Drop victory still hasn't sunk in for Joey either
    (6:10) Doug's One Drop vlog on YouTube has 250,000 views
    (6:20) Joey makes affiliate push, tank tops incoming
    (7:00) Has Doug officially changed his tune about MTTs? TPP!
    (9:30) The grind of a live MTT pro – Doug doesn't want to be "slave to the system"
    (10:25) Joey ties it all together for us
    (11:50) Dong Kim once tried poker tournaments, he didn't like them
    (12:37) How is Doug treated by some of his poker tournament peers? Nonstop hate from a ton of people?
    (13:45) High Roller poker community consists of less than 100 individuals
    (15:00) Doug talks about misapplications of "Group Think" in tournament poker strategy
    (17:35) Doug grades competition, cash game vs. tournament players
    (19:00) Name 7 WSOP Main Event winners
    (20:25) Jerry Yang not great at poker? WHAT?!
    (22:50) Doug shoots on German High Roller crew
    (23:40) "Hollywood Ike" Haxton hypothetical discussion, name recognition is GTO, hard-on for small pairs?
    (25:30) Doug believes one-third of the field is losing in typical High Roller events
    (26:28) Daniel Negreanu "Memes-n-dreams" – Doug's live poker telecast wardrobe
    (27:10) Conversation about Luke Schwartz – Doug says Luke is "too cray"
    (28:35) The World anxiously awaits response after "Double-A" Alec Torelli's June 6th Tweet
    (29:40) Doug explains why he doesn't shy away from all controversial topics in the poker industry
    (30:45) Doug explains stance on Alec Torelli live poker hidden chips controversy
    (32:25) Goodwill shout-out to "Jim The Floorman"
    (33:00) Doubling-down on being wrong is BS – better to own up to mistakes
    (35:40) Alec Torelli "three buttons down" shirt module coming soon?
    (37:35) Joey's new module on #WSOOOL available soon, Tournament Master Class discussion
    (38:40) The Rise of Upswing Poker, even Doug is amazed at Upswing's rapid growth
    (39:55) Doug fulfilled by success of Jason Les, Dong Kim, Daniel McAulay, Jimmy Chou
    (43:45) Jonah The Wizard Assistant + SrslySirius shout-outs
    (44:05) Doug's plans for rest of 2017, considering cryptocurrency or comedy channel
    (46:20) Joey and Doug give their shout-outs
    (47:00) Joey wants advice on surviving the Las Vegas summer elements
    (48:40) Joey crystal-balls future Doug/Katie matrimony?
    (49:15) One fan actually got down on his knees and HAILED Supreme Leader Douglas K. Polk at WSOP?
    (49:40) Believe it or not, Doug used to get OOL frequently in his younger days
    (51:35) Upswing Poker Party at Surrender Nightclub at Wynn Casino – July 7th
    (52:20) Joey & Doug will find girls for shy poker players who attend, Joey's Giveaway TOS
    (54:10) Joey not impressed with "two free drinks," asks about open bar for 1k people in Vegas
    (55:10) Joey deserves "Upswing Poker Affiliate of The Year" award, ceremony TBD
    (56:00) Meet Doug, Ryan Fee, Matt Colletta, Joey and many players + personalities this July 7th
    (57:40) Jonah met chain smokers recently, is doing great work, has legit skills
    (58:40) Drama between Doug & DNegs? Negreanu's recent hairstyle comment referring to Doug.
    (1:00:20) Doug gets around to thoughts on Daniel Negreanu
    (1:03:45) Joey thinks Doug doesn't receive enough support from mainstream poker hierarchy
    (1:05:00) Doug appreciates "more than fair share" of media coverage, has issue with APA politics
    (1:06:00) Winning & crushing helps when it comes to poker recognition and acceptance
    (1:08:30) Doug & Joey adapt to WSOP "celebrity" experience, fan outreach
    (1:11:15) Fans mis-stating Doug's patented intro – Doug still gets called Vanessa Selbst a lot
    (1:12:20) Ryan Fee cameo – Joey promotes #WSOOOL get together with one lucky fan
    (1:14:30) Mike Dentale in-person versus his social media persona
    (1:14:50) PokerGO WSOP 2017 paywall coverage – Pros & Cons – Good or Bad?
    (1:18:38) Fedor Holz joins DougPolkPoker YouTube Tuesday at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)
    (1:19:50) Doug's YouTube content
    (1:20:28) "Marked cards" controversy during 2017 WSOP High Roller One Drop final table
    (1:24:05) Doug's plans for Vegas — vlogging, cash games, tournaments
    (1:24:30) The GREAT GAME of PLO
    (1:25:17) Joey explains the reality of the Poker Tournament World – Born to mincash?
    (1:26:10) Mr. TPP in the house! Tournament Playing Papi
    (1:26:39) Papi's plans at 2017 WSOP… stayin' alive & gettin' hitched prop bet?
    (1:29:40) Shout-outs and 3-way, Joey comes up with all-new giveaway, next frontier
    (1:31:57) New Upswing Poker pro TBA this week! One more pro TBA in July!
    (1:34:00) Conclusion, Pot Limit Omaha plug + Fedor Holz podcast with Doug tomorrow 2pm Pacific
    (1:35:08) Have we mentioned the Giveaway?

  38. did this take place at 5am?

  39. Zupreme.Poppy.Grats WCGrider <3

  40. For some reason a few people think Doug is a douchebag, but really he just says things that butthurt whiners don't like. Anyone who makes butthurt whiners cry on a daily basis is my kind of guy.



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