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50NL Hard cash Recreation Poker 4 Tables Bovada/Ignition Episode ten 6max

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  1. are all these visable stats from an outside program or is it provided by ignition? is the ability to have multi tables require an outside program??

  2. Why do you pot the button??? Sure you've been asked before just curious though.

  3. Is it possible to get four tables on one monitor fitting perfectly without overlapping? I can't figure our how to do it and I don't know if its my MacBook Pro thats not letting it happen or maybe even Ignition's software. Any ideas? Thanks

  4. got in w/ 93% equity AND got out with 100% of the chips.
    and THAT's how you play AA. 😉

  5. wow, sounds like audio might be from webcam… sound bad to anyone else?

  6. 12:42 you only shove river with flushes & not many bluffs, so easy for villain to fold all str8s & sets unless you x/ shove rivers alot or smth ?

  7. 5:54 The very very bottom of his range is a set, he probably can't value bet 2 pr.


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