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Poker Vlog Episode 21 NEW Speediest Bust OUT At any time!!!

Performed in a Card Participant Poker Tour Satellite Poker Match at Reside On line casino & Lodge. This was By Far my quickest bust-out At any time!!! 3 Hands

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  1. I'd rather be out in 3 hands than in 3 hours if I don't cash. With that said, I hate the way you played the J 10 and QQ. First off, while I'll always favor aggression, J10 utg is a fold early (2nd hand) in a tourney. Late position in an unopened pot? Absolutely! Fire away! But not utg. I also don't like the lead with QQ after the ace comes on the turn. Where's the value? What worse hands are calling your bet? What better hands are going to fold? The only better hand that can possibly fold in this situation is exactly what he had – KK – and you can never put someone on exactly KK. Also, I can't think of one single worse hand that is going to call. Not one. To further compound your situation, after your turn bet is called, which screams that your hand is obviously no good, you shove the river. Again, same situation. Any hand that calls the turn is calling the river. No worse hands are calling. No better hands are folding. All you can do is lose more chips. If you were willing to go broke with QQ, I would have much rather you got the chips in earlier. Still its a bit of a cooler. Personally, in a $45 tourney, I would have been happy to get it in preflop with QQ. Either I double up early or I'm out and can re-enter or do other things.

  2. you are some cheap ass low stake mofo. keep playing them slots dumbass

  3. I kept getting felted the way you described here. Now I find no need to push at the scare card. He was too committed to fold. Plus we don't know, he might even have an ace. The only risk at checking with the best hand is winning less than you could have, but I am finding that favorable instead of busting out risk. Thanks for the video!

  4. 2:15 you made a straight with the J? How did pair of kings win lol


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