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DEEP Run $11 ZOOM POKER KNOCKOUT Event [Twitch Highlights]

Can we do it yet again and make the ultimate table in our favorite stream match? Look at me engage in MTTs and cashgames live on ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ For far more infos on my Poker stuff see down below!

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  1. this felix guy is so bad i dont know why he is a pro maybe pokerstars only hires idiots

  2. No man we not fold kings

  3. Awesome ;o

  4. Oh my word I can't believe that KJ got there haha

  5. Hola Felix ID:miguelito064 1% for my

  6. Why do you even advertise your twitch if you stream in German? I entered twice but what is the point of watching if I don't understand what you're saying…

  7. Are you really a PS pro?

  8. 11:30 Is AKs not a bit too strong to be jamming with 50BB?

  9. der shippt doch mit fast 50 blinds all in wo du mit tens callst da weißt du doch das du maximal auf lange sicht 49% hast 😛 meistens eher weniger wieso callst du das ^^

  10. Hello. Gz on few final tables, maybe next time you get 1st place. I really like the bounty tourneys from PS. I played alot of them, made few deep runs and once i even got 1st place out of 4400+ players, $2.20 buy-in and got a nice $1115, biggest winning from a tourney so far. I got $400 only from bounty, with 29-31 KO ( 4 or 5 at final table ) . Good luck

  11. You 3betting way too much imo i know u like to be aggressive but playing it as a call is way more profitable imo but maybe im wrong .Nice videos anyway gl at the tables

  12. Booty or Bounty? 🙂


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