How to Win Poker Tournaments

One of the most Astounding poker comebacks ever televised!

In this video, watch the finest hands from the heads-up battle involving Scotty Nguyen, the “Prince of Poker”, and Mike Sexton! Scotty Nguyen truly experienced a nine:one chip lead during the heads-up battle, but Mike Sexton managed to keep calm and thoroughly concentrated during this match and, finally, win Scotty Nguyen.
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  1. I hate this style.

  2. Poor mike

  3. please look at this hand replay. does this guy know something i dont? why did he limp utg? the most insane hand iv played u dont expect these cards

  4. Given the game format, Nguyen was playing rather smart, applying constant pressure on his opponents. That Mike Sexton maintained his composure in that situation is impressive, and it confirms his status as an elite pro.

  5. Really? 5 seconds time to think?
    Thats retarded

  6. Mike Sexton is the man. Such a classy dude.

  7. Man, with all those 'modern pros' tanking for minutes every hand a table like this would be the solution! And does Mike has alzheimer or something? Jesus, he lost with a very strong hand more than once cuz he forgot he had limited time…

  8. Shitty format.

  9. very interesting video. Nguyen is such a tilting crap, i have an asian friend exactly like him lol

  10. OMG I would hate playing poker like this – "Check or Raise?…. time on 4…." Screw that.


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