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Hard cash Kings | Large Stakes poker with Gus Hansen | Kings Casino 2017 | Working day 2/3

Enjoy this dollars activity session, actively playing POT Restrict OMAHA with prestigious guests:
Gus Hansen, Leon Tsoukernic, Jan Jachtmann, Tony G, etcetera.

The most significant poker area in Europe is proud to generate Ca$h King’$, elevating the stakes once again and once again.

King’s Tv set is streaming poker 24/seven. From On-line session to Large Stakes Hard cash Game with the very best gamers in the planet, there are usually playing cards in the air @ King’s Rozvadov.
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Meet up with us in Czech Republic, in the most significant poker area in Europe.

💥 @King’s Casino in Rozvadov (Czech Republic) : Major Poker Place in Europe.

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  1. how many times are you going to talk about the krokodile? we get it! he sucks!

  2. Krok actually aint that bad for person who learned plo in a day. He folded a straight!!!

  3. Was Sam Trickett's royal flush in NLHE or Omaha? Is there a link to it?

  4. Jan-peter is almost as much of a fish as the krok!

  5. Wenn der Kommentator mehr wie 7€/Std bekommt, wäre es ne absolute Frechheit…
    Kann kein board lesen, redet ständig den selben monotonen Schwachsinn

  6. Seat 1= Classic rock
    Commentary = Classic bad beat (runner runner)

  7. This Commentator is so bad its absurd.
    Every random guy watching the stream could do better.
    Not even talking about his annoying Voice and accent as well as monotone talking.

  8. Dear poker commentator, it's probably not the best idea to blast the fish by saying he's down 280k and he has no idea what's going on. Just let the man live. The high stakes community is shrinking everyday and ppl like the krock keep the dream alive for some of us. Also they need someone else on this show bc all this guy commentating does is find shit looking at hands then realizing what they have while simultaneously telling us he's from Ireland.

  9. the dealer with the shaved head is hot!

  10. Tony g poker politician on your bike Tony


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