Texas Holdem

The thin line in between Sensible and DONK participate in in Texas Hold’em Poker…

Would you be eager to threat fifty percent your chip stack, approaching to the closing table of the WSOP Primary Event, keeping a significantly less than mediocre poker beginning hand, when your insticts and/or the math tells you to do so? Watch as Brandon Cantu faces a conclusion for fifty percent his chip stack, keeping one particular of the worst beginning palms in Texas Hold’ em!
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  1. Such fuckwits are pretty standard on Jokerstars

  2. I’ve taken a lot worse beats than that. Pocket aces only hold up like 80%.

  3. Thin?

  4. What a fucking Donk

  5. dare so shmart An gud in da big world

  6. Terrible hand selection. Good play but bad hand to do it with.

  7. I am confused.
    He had 2 pair.
    And he to a pair of aces how can pair win?

  8. Great Video….Great channel…and ALWAYS a Bonus to watch Cantu go down in Flames

  9. He tried to steal the pot and put a lot in it to do it. So calling the all in wasn't that much more to him since he's pot committed. If his opponent has AK or something like that, it's not a bad drawing hand, anything can happen. So I get where he's coming from calling the all in. He knew he was way behind, he knew he had to get lucky to beat him. Almost did too. Crazy thing is, I've made crazy calls like that sometimes. You know it isn't the best move to do but at times, it's fun to see if you can get away with it.

  10. obviously he is drunk or just never seen a deck of cards in his life…probably dunk with words, mannerisms and aggression

  11. Why the fuck….

  12. Is that cantu phill helmuth's hidden son or someth?

  13. This is a very good poker channel

  14. What a dumbass! Hahahah.

  15. Not a thin line at all in that hand lol


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