How to Win Poker Tournaments

Winning at MGM Grand Poker Room Las Vegas. Poker Vlog :)

Winning at MGM Grand poker place Las Vegas was hard.
My longest session of the yr since acquiring back into poker.

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  1. What's the name of that poker app you use to keep up on your sessions?

  2. On the hand with pocket 55 why not get 3 streets of value from her?. How do you know she has a flush draw and not just a king? I think if you just bet the turn you make a larger profit bc nothing you beat can call all in..

  3. Liking the vlog so far.. Keep it up… I suggest you do something that no other poker vlogger has done and go to one of the dispensaries and give us a review on some of that sweat leaf you got going in Vegas…..Dabs and Poker for the win

  4. Andy, My source of tension is 2 things today. 1). Our Packers 2). Did you get you car repaired from the nut that backed into you. Go Badgers….TY

  5. Good meeting you Andy. That MGM game was like pulling teeth. Would have loved to be able to play back at seat 1….but river wasn’t kind several times.

    Best of luck to you….

  6. hey Andy the sunglasses are cool what brand are they I need a pair of prescription shades I hate having to switch back and forth between sunglasses and prescription glasses oh and by the way I'll be out there for 4 nights mid-January end of the CES show I guess hoping to meet up with you the trooper and Kim from Team Claire I've made some short Vegas videos no Vlogs though I don't talk in them and they're pretty crappy LOL but have an idea for a Lee Canyon vlog or something anyway great video keep them coming

  7. Hey Andy. A win is a win. $9.00 an hour tax free! Glad you didn't lose. LASIK eye surgery is the answer. I was blind as a bat then had the surgery and now I can see like an eagle. Painless to. GO Packers!!!

  8. Good to see more poker keep it coming Thanks for the vlog much appreciated.

  9. I would've backed out.. seen him.. and pulled back in, got out of the car, and walked away. Just on dickhead priniple

  10. Man.. that's funny.. because somewhere in my pile of t-shirts is one that says "they're prescription.. shut up". Because I wear my prescription shades inside all the time.. especially on the bike, don't feel like the hassle of changing back and forth…


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