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Why am I normally ALL IN?

Episode twenty: ITS OUR One particular 12 months ANNIVERSARY!! I commenced this vlog one 12 months back and I’m so energized how significantly it is really appear. My hope is to proceed placing out information weekly as we get into the new 12 months and I welcome you all to be a part of me on the journey!

We have some catching up to do on how the past week has long gone. Also I’m hosting a advertising for Social gathering Poker! Regretably you need to be exterior the United States to participate. I will be offering away two $a hundred tokens randomly to these new indicator ups to use for the tournaments on the web-site. Each individual new account will also get $ten free to enjoy with. All you have to do is produce a new account on Social gathering Poker and adhere to the instructions below!

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As normally open up discussion on all matters poker is inspired. Please will not be concerned to analyze the arms I played as we can all learn jointly! Thanks for seeing and if you relished the video remember to strike the like button, subscribe and share this video with your pals and family 🙂

Poker begins at one:41

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  1. For players outside the US 2 new account sign-ups under my link will be awarded with $109 tokens for the $150k GTD Main Event Heavyweight Series which can be used Sunday December 17th. Use code 10CHARLES under the link:

  2. Great video's. My Party poker account name is: SlimBelushi

  3. There's dumb @$$ players like that everywhere. Their luck will eventually run out.

  4. 3:13 TT in bb, 5-6 callers,
    raise 45 UTG calls UTG+1 jams 135,
    CRC re-raises, folds around
    Flop K K x
    Turn Qo
    River Qo
    UTG+1 shows XX

    4:38 J8dd (the "CRC") in bb, UTG opens 25, loose CO calls,
    CRC calls 20
    Flop Js Jh Td (pot: 75)
    CRC checks, UTG bets 125, CO folds
    CRC raises 265, UTG jams 550 total
    CRC calls
    Turn 2d (pot: 1175)
    River Qh (pot: 1175)
    UTG shows YY

    an hour later…
    9:20 AQss UTG open 20, BTN, SB, BB call
    Flop Ac Qc 6h (pot: ~95)
    SB 'fake checks' CRC bets 50 SB calls
    Turn Jd (pot: 195)
    SB checks,
    CRC bets 320, SB raises AI,
    CRC calls
    River 6s (pot: ~1070)
    SB shows ZZ

  5. Party Poker. Sigh, I miss the golden days of poker. I started playing on Ladbrokes and PP. Back then I was a BIG winner at midstakes.
    Today, if I was to play online again, I probably would have a hard time beating 25nl.

  6. are you living out of your minivan?

  7. "Speech play" worked a treat (in this instance) how you got him to put in his chips with 13% equity after he bet double pot, on the flop. I don't have a clue. Hands like that are hilarious (well for the viewer lol).

    But being results orientated is this player going to fold an over-pair or like QK/QT here? If he can call you off with Ace high after talking. The talking is intended to change course of action. We probably don't want him to encourage him to "hero fold" or start thinking with an over-pair in a spot like this if that's what we think were up against. (Obviously not a hero fold but he didn't seem capable of folding QQ/KK/AA so don't want to talk him into doing so – would be my logic).
    You can still represent 98/KQ that is enough to warrant a call for the fish. So shoving is far better as an exploitative play since it prevents scare cards or him thinking "what if he has a better hand?". Overbetting anything on this flop is bizarre since the calling range can just become a jack (it's hard to know what to do when playing against someone without a brain). Obviously you got max value in the long run. Weird hand. A bluff makes more sense since it could fold out better. But then to call off when he was bluffing is mental.

    Could you do a series of fish reviews…
    "I thought he was bluffing so I snapped him with my ace high but also had a gutshot to the nut straight. Made the nuts knew it was coming, that's why I called. I am so good at poker!"
    "I figured if I could try and make a straight it may pay off big. Got there coolered him, easy game. Never overplay AQ limp in with it – AVOID big pots – check the turn haha" (puts in 14% off his stack on flop call to hit 3 jacks) (flop float out of position with two people to act behind).

    The AQ was obviously standard. With KT unless he has plans on winning the hand through other means than getting there. He is not going to make a profitable call. He is 11/1 to hit the turn & needs to have a plan when he misses. (There isn't the implied odds available if he always wins stacks when he hits – it's still not profitable). I suppose he did have the backdoor flush draw & it's okay if he has a plan. Anyway. Probably not.

    Like the over-bet probably wants to be a bit bigger not leave money on the table. In-case he calls with K9 suited. If you have a draw you would be committed anyway so probably best shoving with both..

    Overbet think it's fine. Just becomes awkward when thinking of balance `& you want to value bet AT/AK. Bet sizing can influence decisions & may need to make thinner calls as a part of overall strategy if strongest hands are not within range. And opponent is good enough to realise this. But probably not this player.

  8. Hope things turn around quickly!

  9. my id: TwoIntoOne

  10. Charles, I think KT,KJ,JJ, with the king of clubs is in his calling range, I would bet(small) fold the turn if he jams unless I knew he was capable of bluffing and if he was I think it would be a river bluff, I think your always beat here.

  11. Hey man, so is that Ethereum address linked to Coinbase? If so you cant accept ERC-20 tokens to that address. You should make yourself a Myetherwallet which takes literally seconds to create and then you can accept ANY Ethereum based ERC-20 token such as OmiseGo, SingularDTV, EOS, SunContracts etc. There are so many cryptos that you can accept by using a private Ethereum wallet. Coinbase doesn't support tokens…

  12. AQ has lost me so much money I actually cheer of I ever win with it

  13. Grats in 1 year; I lasted 3 episodes of vlogging and gave up lul; congrats!! Love the content and your always all in cuz u like to have a good time duhhhh

  14. I want to participate.
    Party poker account name : Incredibleducky

  15. big overbets on flop are almost always draws/ weak hands . AJ KJ is never going to overbet; thats some serious run bad right there. with regards to online play do you ever play on ACR? what do u think of it /withdrawals on it etc?

  16. regarding the talk about getting in tough situations in 100BB poker….I think given the size of the pot going to the flop $75…his effective stack was $455…that's an SPR of about 6……it's close…but Top 2 in that situation is a hand you want to have most the time….I know the rule of thumb is normally for the SPR to be between 7-16 for Top 2 but 6 is pretty dang close….he was getting $130/$55 with a gutter….he shouldn't have called even considering the backdoor flush draw he had….you got unlucky there that's all….happens to the best of us

  17. Charlie … u give best hand analysis and strategy talk of all the vloggers. And it's mostly pure poker content. #veryinsightful

  18. I thought when the guy jammed, he had a set of 6's when you were holding AQ. K10os is a bit of a shocker, but considering he is holding the king of clubs, maybe he would fire on the turn if the club hit knowing it would be hard for you to raise since he had the nut flush blocker and also he would be getting fold equity with the bet. I think Doug Polk would approve of the loose call on the flop.

  19. Keeping it real. Visited LC last year and the place kinda went downhill. Somewhat of a dump. But, apparently they still have decent games.

  20. Good job dude. Go tell brad owens he’s a nit.

  21. Man… that's some awful …. "bad beat stories." That sounds like my games. I just dont understand how everybody gets there but me. If I had their hands, I miss. But, Im never in their shoes.

  22. Yo Charles congrats!! I’m away on my honey moon in Aruba ; ) I’m going to check out poker games Thursday Fri An Saturday. Your so blessed to have Charlie he’s adorable…. back to your V log it’s great content and think you should try playing really tight atleast until people stop paying you off because the image you built up as being agro n lose. Try switching up game playing right and having people pay you off then when action drys losen up your game again… just recommending changing levels. Cheers

  23. Just all kinds of run bad.

  24. Congrats on your 1st birthday! Hope this downswing can find the reverse gear real soon. Best of luck, and cheers to the year ahead!

  25. Talk about run bad.

  26. charlieboy999 I want to participate!

  27. Happy Anniversary!
    Don't worry about the J8 hand. Guy was an idiot to call that and just got lucky.
    AQ hand, you already realized the jam would be a better bet. Yes, his flop call was not great.
    You were playing these hands correct, just went up against some lucky fish. One thing to remember is not to assume your opponent is thinking it through the way you would. Why did he call the flop bet? Because he thought he might get lucky on the gutshot and he did. 80% of the time you are taking that. Shrug it off and hope he is at your next table!


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