Poker Winning Hands

Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 176

In this episode of Weekly Poker Hand, Jonathan Minor finds himself bluffing off fifty percent his stack on the very first hand of a $10,000 buy-in six-handed WSOP celebration.

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  1. with A3 he got straigh. A3 never folds

  2. Jonathan I enjoy weekly poker hands. I find in small stakes cash games, the small river bet almost never works. They say it was such a small bet I have to call.

  3. like a lot the thinking of the river bet, creates a small edge when villain is folding, even as little of 5%. Added with other small edges means profit over time. I enjoy a lot weekly poker hand an hope to never end!

  4. Jonathan, isn’t your math off here when figuring out how often your bluff needs to work? You stated it needs to work about 25% of the time, but it should need to only work just under 20% of the time. When figuring out the math you forgot to add your 8,000 bet amount back into the total pot and dividing by the 8,000 bet. You were getting better than 4:1 on your bluff.


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