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Pot Odds, Implied Odds And Reverse Implied Odds tactics [Request Alec]

A single much more #AskAlec episode is out. This problem is coming from my reader Rahuul. He needs to know much more about implied odds and how to use implied odds? Also, he needs to know how distinct is it to pot odds, and is there a distinct way to use this is tournaments and dollars games. Exciting problem Rahuul. It is extremely significant to comprehend difference between implied odds, reverse implied odds and pot odds, so here is my solution in this online video.

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  1. I love your videos man! thanks for responding to me on twitter too hahaha!

  2. Alec, i think your math is a bit off for pot odds.
    You said that equity needed = Hero's call / Pot + Villain's bet. (33% = 50 / 100 +50)
    Shouldn't it be equity = Hero's call / Pot + Villain's bet + Hero's call? (25% = 50 / 100 +50 +50)

    For example, If Villain bets $100 into a $0 dollar pot, you need to be correct 50% of the time, not 100%

  3. Awesome castle! Great info, thanks!

  4. thanks for taking my question Alec 🙂

  5. Pot Odds: Fold your shitty hand, you don't have a choice
    Implied Odds: Call with nothing, you do have a choice.

  6. Hi Alec, i love your videos, your are a inspiration to me, thanks to all the content and time and energy spend to make this videos, your blog,.. you keep me with energy to go for my dream (be a poker player), THANKS!
    You are the man ! 😉

  7. a pair of balls beats everything

  8. great vid bud somthing ive been trying to understand more you are the man alec keep doing what you do

  9. Thanks

  10. Any advanced math poker books you all suggest? I pretty much know the poker basics and I took a game theory class in college so I should be able to understand it all.

  11. Good video, cheers Alec!

  12. $100 (in pot) + $50 (villains bet) + $50( hero's call)

    therefore for my $50 in a pot of $200 (total),
    i need 25% equity to justify calling and not 33%.

    can anyone clarify the math if it checks out?


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