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Overpair Method Vs A Tilting Participant | Talk to SplitSuit

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Christoffer is actively playing 4 handed towards a tilting player. Just after raising preflop with QQ and firing the flop and convert, the river pairs the top card and we have to have to make a decision. SplitSuit explains why hunting for a examine-elevate along the way is a great option, why betting the river can be superior than examining to induce, and how guess sizing is your close friend towards tilty gamers.

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  1. Who check raises AK on J93

  2. Hi! Im Christoffer aka Hero in this hand! Thanks for the great review, made me think abit out of the box, always great to have someone elses opinion and ideas. Much appreciated, love ur videos btw. Keep em coming!

    About the currency question people ask. Im swedish so K means kronor. But this was supposed to be sent in with BB, and my pokertracker must have went nuts for some reason. This was NL 100 and should be saying BB instead of K.

  3. I had an interesting hand the other day:
    Online $20nl fullring.

    I open UTG (100bb) with AsAd – $0,60
    Folds to CO (100bb, Nit) – 3bet $2,5
    Folds to me – 4bet $8
    CO calls.

    Flop comes: 2d 7d Td
    I check, my plan is here to shove over any bet CO makes.
    He checks back.

    Turn comes: Ks -.- (worst card?)
    I check
    He bets 1/3 pot. Around $5,5-$6
    I call.

    River comes a blank, say 4h.
    I check
    He shoves his remaining stack, $7.
    I call.

    He shows KdKh.

    Should I have just lead the flop with a shove?
    As played, can I find a fold on the river with that price?
    Since he is a nit, shove 4bet preflop?

    Any comments would be great 🙂

  4. James Splitsuit great vids great job! You are a great teacher. It takes years to be that professional i think. It is sick how complex poker is, despite negreanu said something like that there is a tendency in poker where its getting overcomplicated. i cant regive the quotation 1 to 1. sry

  5. the flop call was rly tilty. he literally hoped that hero has an overpair and he catches the ace or has KQ, TT,.. .

  6. What currency is that?

  7. definetly the best line for this run out. my question to the player would be which hands he would play the same including his bluffs and what he would have done if the river card for example paired the 9 or was a T

  8. I'm a fairly inexperienced player, but love watching these videos. This may be a beginner question, but is a check-raise out of the question on the river?

  9. I may have taken the line of betting out the flop.. And then checked the fairly harmless turn card. I feel like so often when a player is tilting that they are more likely to run an aggressive float against me… and then I would likely take the pot with the turn raise. Sacrifice value from the river bet, but I don't want to see a river card when I have 9s through QQ… too many Ax and Kx…
    Not to mention, that line would have DEFINETLY tilted Villain even further. Which I like. 😉

  10. "Decent" is spelled wrong (they´re not on a decline!) and what´s with the letter "k"? Shouldn´t that be a dollar sign?

  11. River is a clear 'bet' because villain has more 9x in his range than open enders and turn-flush-draws

  12. can we label him donkey for limping with a2o?

  13. I feel like had he checked the flop (and villain checked back), you would've complained that simply betting the flop would've been a better play.
    I'd say betting $7 on the flop is the best play given the situation.

  14. this video is sponsored by the kkk

  15. I would check call the flop and check raise him on the turn. river I would check and call if he was loose/tilty. nice analysis.


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