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Poker of “Shoddy Excellent”

Some questionable options leave this vlog in a unhappy point out of affairs, but the show must go on!

How I Study:

New music by:
DJ Quads:

Epidemic Audio

-The digicam I use when walking around and conversing is:

-Recording of palms is finished applying:
-Some in car or truck pictures and some time-lapses:
-My present-day drone:

-Enhancing application
Ultimate Lower Professional 10.three.three with some plugins
Movement 5 with some plugins

-Present-day Equipment:
MacBook Professional(15-inch, 2017)
two.eight GHz Intel Core i7
sixteen GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Radeon Professional 560 4096 MB
Intel High definition Graphics 630 1536 MB

Contact Data:

Old Fashioned:

Saint Peters Publish Workplace
PO Box 132
Saint Peters, MO 63376

My Channel:

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SC: Killogram



  1. Planning another live stream soon. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be pulling some questions out of the comments section and then just answering them live. Feel free to reply here with any questions and i'll possibly answer them on stream.

    No, you can't have my sister's phone number…See, I already know what you are thinking!

  2. subbed

  3. how much is cost for lasik?4k? why dont reasearch and go to country where is cheaper?neigbourhood country etc?

  4. use that film real transition no more than once, trust its no good

  5. Good movie Philadelphia, Best Denzel movie Glory!

  6. Jaman your daughter is so cute and happy with her dad. Good job.

  7. Well I just subscribed. Let's get to 10k

  8. These nits man, not floating on the 666 board

  9. Its about time your videos are at the top of my list. They usually dont even show up at all.

  10. Shoddy quality or shot equality??? Lol My man Jaman killin it again. Any chance we can meet up at Jack cleveland? Also as a pro how many buy ins should I have playing 2/5? Or how big a bankroll?

  11. You should take this down immediately. You should never show footage of your daughter like that. Goodness knows what creepy posts or worse will follow.

  12. Thanks to that amazing session, you're close to some new eyeballs!.. figuratively

  13. Ever think of coming out to So Cal to play? Poker is pretty good here…

  14. Holy crap i barely sub to anyone but this is stellar content. Keep it up

  15. I'll be in Vegas Jan 4-12. Hope you make it out.

  16. You will be in vegas at the end of the year!

  17. As always Jaman, great vlog. Put you with Neeme and Owen for content and production!

  18. Your gonna reach 10k, Ive been subscribed since you were at 4.9k and youve been increasing since. Good luck

  19. im gonna end up making 2000 emails and all subscribing baha!

  20. Bro…when I saw 6:11 am….I was like…HE BETTA BE GETTING IT…..also a bow of respect to the table selection section….we amateurs believe we can sit down and just run the table….as a wise general once said.. " pick your battles wisely"

  21. Love that you show your hourly and your numbers. Proves your confidence in your ability and showing your progress.

  22. By far one of my favorite 30 for 30's no doubt!! I got my Lasik in STL when i was there, look into PeposeVision he handled all the pro teams players.

  23. Jaman – After watching numerous vlogs of yours, I've picked up on a possible tell you may have (and I'm only telling you b/c I doubt we'll ever be at the same table).  When you have a good hand, the time you spend looking at your hole cards is shorter than when you have rags.  You don't do this all the time, but I believe you do it majority of time.  I could be wrong.  It's a tell I used to have, and now I focus on checking hole cards for same amount of time.


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