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  1. Nice Video Flixx, here's a couple of thoughts:
    1) As you say, people struggle on studies and reaching higher thought process. A short example to illustrate what I mean by taking the A5ss hand:

    A)"Call pre seems standard", "Call pre seems loose"
    Whereas it's fine to have these thoughts at first when you learn poker (or ingame when you basically have 10 seconds for each decision, it's definitely not where you want to go in 2017 when reviewing hands. Games have developed and it's possible to do better than that.

    B) "Our equity is ?% vs his range preflop and with our pot odds we need 34% to call. If ? is > 34% and we don't "underrealize" equity postflop, we should call here.

    I hope it's clear that B) is more relevant and it's telling us exactly what we have to do next to find out what the better decision is. There's really nothing you can do guys beside going into the LAB, take out Equilab/OddsOracle/Solver to get an accurate answer. Empirically, you can also filter through large databases.

    2) I like that you mentioned that it's important to accept that 1 hand in isolation never matters, especially in a cash games.

    3) Whether you call or fold A5ss on the river does not matter nearly as much for your overall strategy. There's only 1 combination of that exact 2pair, whereas if you called the next hands slightly below that [A2cc,A2dd,AJo,A9o], it starts to matter much more because it's such a large part of your "get to river range".

    You have better hands in your range (KJs, AQ,TT,ATs), so it's not a tragedy if you fold this one if your opponent is underbluffing. Given the river size(66%) &board texture (2 flushdraws to protect against), I think ruling out AK/a weaker "value-shove" completely would be a small mistake for unknown villains and not blocking any heart/9 while blocking some sets and better 2pairs would lean me towards calling.

  2. wenn Du ihn preflop reraist zb auf 90 oder besser hast du fold Equity aber in 70 Prozent der Fälle wirst Du mit einer schönen Hand wie k j s gekallt.

  3. in the video… you say you have clients. Please send me some info. Im interested. Thanks

  4. Thank you . today I lost 10 dollars of my bankroll. I on micro stakes. I am so tilt …. I have 100 $. I Will watch your challange vídeos.

  5. hey 🙂

    just bought and downloaded ur yellow book since i watched the 1st few videos of ur grinding it up series,and i believe the information u provide can help me do it right this time (tried it in 2013 using blackrain79's approach in his books and videos,but stopped a year ago coz things went totally wrong,and after ca a million hands i had a huge deficit and was tired of waiting for the crazy downswing 2 turn around)

    so now i 'stumbled' on ur videos and liked them,so i thought 'ok,what do i have 2 lose,lets try it 1 more time with a different approach' ….

    i asked u a question at 1 of ur grinding it up videos about the hud u use but u didnt answer me yet,and now that i m reading ur yellow book i c what u recommend as HUD stats… i thought in the video u used VPIP/PFR/3BET/NUMBER OF HANDS,and second row fcbet/ffcbet and same for turn and river,but now that i read the book i was thinking that those might b the stats u used in the video GIU#3…is this correct?

    i have a good feeling this time that things will go as planned and i manage 2 earn the million i have set as a goal…
    but lets start small ,lets say 8000 as 1st goal just like in ur GIU videos 🙂

    right now i m playing 6max zoom

  6. Wäre cool wenn du ein paar videos auch mal auf deutsch machen könntest

  7. First hand I think it is a little too loose to call a 3-bet on the large side with A5s against someone with 90 BBs.

    Second hand. On the flop , if the CO calls the AI, what will you do?

  8. The A5 spades hand suck, because on each street we improve enough, that we feel, we have to continue, but we are still behind. It FELLS like, we made a mistake, when we get shown the stone cold nuts, and he had it the whole time. But him showing up with the nuts actually tell us nothing about his range. Because whatever range he have for 3-barreling and getting it in, the nuts will of course always be part of that range.

    So I would not beat myself up to much over this one. But I do agree, that against most players folding the river is probably the best decision. We need to be good 27-28% of the time just to break even, and against most players maybe we are only good 15-20% of the time, when they take this line.

  9. If you only have a calling range and no raising range then it's a fold on the river. But if, on the flop or turn, you raise 2 pairs, sets and straights then you probably have to call the river when you spike 2 pair because otherwise you'll overfold, right? I mean, if you're only calling down with top pair hands and draws and the river bricks then villain can shove 100% and exploit you. Know what I'm saying?

  10. ty xflixx. My question is: how to use this information in future? I mean, how can I remember or relate a new hand with my historical…

    I think it's hard to play and think this way

  11. Keep up good work. giu love

  12. Its a nice way to see losing

  13. you are Lucky in the Day, you win. ifrn you are not,you loose. Para dont waste your time with classes and this kind of things

  14. can he be value betting ak on the aqT board?

  15. Just fold pre – you can never lose post flop.


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