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Poker Method: How to Play Prime Boat Out of Situation

In this hand we flop major boat and have the board locked down. Bart goes over if we must slowplay our hand or set in a increase due to the problems of having value out of position.

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  1. Why don't we donk bet on that flop? If we have a made hand and are OOP don't you want to take the lead and start building up the pot? By checking on that flop we hope that the preflop aggressor will CBET, but with an additional caller – he's less likely.

  2. But Bart what are the bluffs he is repping on this board with the check raise on the flop? how can do you balance this? youd have to be doing the same thing with all your back door nut flush draws because you never have straight draws here given the preflop?


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