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Counting Poker Hand Combos | ‘The Hand Looking at Lab’ Aspect 7 | SPS Podcast #080

I display you how to count poker hand combos to assist your mathematical understanding of the video game and the ranges of your opponents.

Podcast Mission (three:fifteen)

My mission for currently is to train you how to count combos of palms in poker. Acquire the time correct now to response these issues as a brief minimal check for yourself:
:: How many hole card palms can you quite possibly be dealt in NLHE?
:: How many methods can you be dealt JJ?
:: How many methods can you be dealt TJ?
::The flop will come T92r, what palms have open up-ended straight draws and how many combos of this attract are attainable?

Full amount of attainable NLHE palms

Individual palms – attainable combos of just about every

Board Interaction

Flush Attracts

Card Elimination or Blockers

How to practice combo counting

Podcast Obstacle (eighteen:30)
Here’s my obstacle to you for this episode: Count the combos your opponent may possibly have in this circumstance: You open up with 88, he phone calls on the button. You estimate his contacting selection as 30% of palms, but he would typically 3bet JJ+ and AK, so you can acquire individuals out of his selection b/c he just referred to as your open up. The flop will come down 672r. What palms and drawing palms may possibly he have and how many combos of just about every?
:: Sets
:: 2pair
:: Open-ended straight draws
:: Gut shot draws
Send out me your response via electronic mail and I’ll reply with my own assessment of his attainable combos. Let us master together, you and me, getting our combo counting video game to the future stage!

Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker participant, poker mentor and author.

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  1. You've been great help on improving my game i have to thank you i just took alot of high varience decisions early on in my career. This vid was superb!

  2. Great video. Definitely putting into my playlist. Although I am gonna be a nitpicker haha.

    Your statement about 'more scarcity=more value' isn't absolutely true, and certainly not in poker.
    For example, 22 are more scarce than AK, or even AKo. Yet AK is more valuable. AK has bigger equity against a lot more (probably all but 22, AA) hands than 22. That alone is enough to make the absolute statement invalid.

    Another example, AA and 22 have the same frequency (same combos), yet AA is way more valuable. So now, you can have more value in the same amount of abundance, additionally you can have more value in a more abundant hand than more scarce. Nitpicking over.

    Excellent video. Thank you.


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