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Daniel Negreanu feels the ache: KidPoker’s On the web Poker Terrible Beats

Daniel Negreanu, frequently reveals up on Pokerstars, enjoying on the web poker – in superior stakes or small stakes! He also can take section in a variety of on the web poker tournaments, primarily all through the WCOOP or the SCOOP.
Many thanks to Pokerstar’s Increase! Hand Replayer, ‘KidPoker’ has shared with us numerous fascinating poker palms of his, including some actually unwell lousy beats. In this online video, we choose a look at some of his poker palms – in fact, some of his most nasty lousy beats, that Daniel Negreanu himself shared with us on the web working with the Increase! Hand Replayer.
Most of these poker palms ended up performed all through WCOOP and SCOOP functions – but amid them you will also uncover a poker hand taken from a small-stakes on the web poker table!
PS In the stop, Daniel Negreanu decided to choose a distinctive strategy – so will not overlook observing the final poker hand of this compilation!
Daniel Negreanu is nonetheless operating potent in 2016, enjoying beneath the alias “KidPoker” on Pokerstars!
You can view numerous fascinating hand replays, including the finest poker palms of perfectly known Pokerstars Execs, working with the Increase! Hand Replayer of Pokerstars, listed here:

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  1. Go to americas card room and watch. The newest best strat is total donkage. He who jams the most with a 90% + vpip is always near the top in chips. Its like the software recognizes and rewards bad play and people have learned it.

  2. Should be easy to prove the hands are all there to be examined.

  3. Online poker is not rigged.

    Most players just suck.

  4. Those aren't bad beats. That's just Pokerstars at their finest.

  5. that first hand made me feel a little better.

  6. I love playing poker , but never play online now , as that's just not poker , its rigged lotto shit .Maybe 1 day there will be a poker site that's not rigged . Until then I will just keep playing live .

  7. so the key is to go full retard

  8. i run like that all day most days. i swear it can't not be forced action. variance my asshole

  9. the end is exactly how that bs shit site works

  10. Don't think it is really Daniel or liv playing . I've watched them play stars on cam ,,and no way call and raise so fast .
    Think this has been made just to make us feel better , and justify how bad stars is for putting out action cards to get both players betting ,,, usually the weaker wins all day long

  11. why another players have no names just player 1,2,3,4 ….
    if you want real bad bets show real game not simulations

  12. @ 00:22 realized this is probably the most boring thing to watch on ewetube. Going to go watch some paint dry now.

  13. The worst hand always wins man, wtf

  14. i used to play online all the time recieving bad beats consistantly like this in a short amount of time so i dont trust online

  15. 4 betting with AQo OoP, 9-handed? That's a mistake…

  16. Joke 🙂 lol

  17. LMFFFAAAOOOO that last hand though…..

    WOW poker stars is worse than fuckin ignition.

  18. the first one was the only true bad beat…..

    the others are mostly normal.

    The first one is what happens to me ever day…… the one with ace queen losing to a set of jacks on the river was pretty bad too.

    Ok the ace queen v ace 5 was pretty fuckin ugly too LOL

  19. for the first hand, i thought he has AS 3 after his big 3 bet river for all in

  20. That´s online poker! Bad beats happens all the time. The program is designed to induce betting. How often do you see a dry flop for example? Not very often. It´s basically action flops after action flops. A huge percentage of the winning hands are full houses, flushes and straights. Play poker live at a local casino instead of wasting time and money online.

  21. This has been me all week, so brutal…

  22. The first one is the worst one

  23. The guy who only has a pocket pair and misses the flop, the turn and gets his 2 outer on the river is literally the most annoying rage inducing thing ever. I mean he keeps calling every raise with essentially nothing because its obvious he's beat and in the end its the guy who played it well that gets punished.

  24. This is brutal, I thought Stars was only rigged at the micro stakes. Wow I guess online poker is just dead


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