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Taking part in Pocket Jacks For Max Price | Inquire SplitSuit

Play in definitely tender poker online games? In this article are 5 recommendations for successful a lot more, a lot more normally:

Moishe has a dilemma about these pocket Jacks. He isolates a limper, goes multi-way, and begins heading for thinner value on ATxx. But when a calling station check out-raises the switch – Moishe is put to the take a look at and has to make a large determination. SplitSuit analyzes every single road of this hand and points out how even by a –EV switch play Moishe was able to dig out max-value on a particular river + river action.

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  1. Man, I'd love to get in on this house game. Hero calling the turn when they're basically being told that they only have 7 outs, and might still be behind even if they hit (given that either Kh or Qh isn't going to be on the board)? Villain in the worst position possible calling the PFR with 83s?

    If you consistently play with these guys, you're going to eventually take their money.

  2. I actually love JJ for some reason. It's one of my favorite hands.

    IMO the turn play by the hero was very very bad. He's less than 3:1 in the hand when he knows his opponent has 2 pair or better. It seems like a straightforward fold here. If he made that turn call 100 times, he'd lose a ton of money in the end.

  3. You know you're an internet player when you tell someone in a live game to, "find the fold button"

  4. You assume a lot sometimes, but I really like your narrative on your maybes. thanks

  5. I'm going to have to agree with Hotobu, fundiver, Arty Lee and Song on this one.

    If we give the calling station a range of TT-22, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J2s+, T2s+, 92s+, 82s+, 72s+, 62s+, 52s+, 42s+, 32s, A2o+, K4o+, Q9o+, J9o+, T9o (my standard fishy calling range), then our equity heads up on the flop would be 65.5%. If we assume he's calling with all pairs and all draws, then our equity is down to 52.3%, and that's not even including the other two opponents in the pot. I really don't think we can bet for value on the flop.

    In general, I tend not to bet my one-street value hands on the flop, unless it's better to fold out villain's equity than see what cards come, e.g. 88 on 356.

    Given that calling range and being heads up on the turn, our equity on the turn is 53.3%. The debate then seems to be how best to realize this large chunk of equity. I am open to see math that shows double-barreling from here, or betting turn and checking river is the best way to do so, but I see no reason not to check behind on the turn and see a river card. This kind of villain is especially unlikely to bluff the river, so we can easily fold to a bet if we don't improve, or check behind to win at showdown sometimes.

  6. I can't tell you how many online opponents I have marked as "Flush Whore". Just that little reminder that, if they're still in the hand after a two suit flop, you really don't want to see that third suit card on the turn unless you got the AX of the same suit.

  7. Could you maybe do videos on limit games? Such as should we have a different mindset or limp with a larger range etc

  8. A muppet who got lucky on the river.

  9. hey split totally agree 4-5 box. but in a homegame it s not so funny if people do this. after the flop you can brilliant poker (when nobady understands it), or preeflop to but not 10bb raises:). my opinion. thank for your great work.

  10. I will be more impressed if station could fold that $38 bet.
    Most players are too curious to see the hand of their opponent eventhou they know they're beat.

  11. Hero called turn with 7 outs

  12. "a massive plethora".
    that's a lot!

  13. I would have surrendered at the flop. But then again, I'm still a fish. That Ace 4-handed.

  14. So this is a case where I STRONGLY disagree with Split Suit's line suggestion. I definitely agree that we need to bet more preflop, and I don't mind betting the flop, but betting the turn is really spewy to me. We went into the hand against 3 other players. I rarely think we're ever ahead when this turn card hits. It's very likely that one of the hands that saw the flop had an ace, or some sort of FD. There aren't many hands that get to this turn that we're now beating, and even less of those hands are willing to call. The only hands we're ahead of now are 10x hands, and the only ones that should be calling are 10x hands with a heart. That's a pretty narrow range we're getting value from. Villain's hand density is strongly weighted towards hands that beat us, and there are quite a few hands that we have 0% equity against. Is this the situation in which we want to be putting money into the pot? I see no reason to bet here. In fact betting here is more of a bluff than it is for value. If we bet we're way more happy with a fold than a call. If a player bets and wants more folds than calls then that means the player is bluffing.

    Do we really want a bigger pot with such a marginal hand?

    Right now we should be trying to get to showdown as cheaply as possible.

  15. raised to at least $3 pre, don't c bet into 3 ppl with they will get sticky with many weak Ax in their range, check flop , call turn, play river

  16. Do we have to bet fold the turn even against this player type maybe check the turn and maybe call the river if it's not a face card like K Q or A and if it's a heart either call or shove river?

  17. Split, had I folded the turn bet, would that have been profitable? I tend to see a ton of these check-raises at the micros and sometimes they show up with absolute garbage

  18. Hey! Great content as always!! Love the videos!

  19. Super solid advice all the way around. Thanks!


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