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Discover Simple Odds How Not to Suck at Poker Ep 4

There is no two ways about it: Sucking at poker sucks. We’re here to clearly show you how not to suck and our most up-to-date episode is an important a single: Learning fundamental poker odds.

This video will educate you the principles of pot odds, pot fairness and how to evaluate the two to find out regardless of whether you should really make a call. Preserve observing our ten-aspect collection on How Not to Suck at Poker to halt sucking and start successful nowadays.

You do not will need to master any innovative math but you do will need to be comfy calculating points like pot odds, fairness, and how popular arms match up in opposition to each other.
If you shy absent from finding out math, do not fear.

You currently uncovered almost everything you will need to know to compute fundamental poker odds when you had been in elementary faculty.

The entire issue of finding out poker odds is so you can judge how likely you are to win a hand and how considerably you should really guess or call to get to showdown.

Pot Odds

The to start with detail you will need to get acquainted with is pot odds and it is really a seriously straightforward idea.

Pot odds refer to the total you have to call when compared to the total you stand to win. Pot odds are important but they are only a single piece of the puzzle.

Pot Fairness refers to your chances of getting the best hand at showdown, and by comparing it to your pot odds you can figure out regardless of whether or not you should really make a call. If your pot odds ratio is more substantial than your pot fairness ratio you should really make the call, if it is really more compact, you should really fold.

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  1. err…elementary school maths?… I can't see me managing to do that with the small amount of time that online poker gives for a decision.

  2. Undervalued content but very good content

  3. Thanks for the video..how did you get the fraction 5.5:1 for pot equity with the 18% chance? i will highly appreciate

  4. Sooo let's say you are getting 3:1 on a call and have 30% equity (3.33:1). With x$ bet you will get 3x*0.3-x*0.7=0.2x. Which is positive, so it is profit, so it is +EV and you are saying it is a fold?! Stop misleading people.

  5. I am disastrous at Maths. Any ways to practice these equations in my spare time?

  6. The graphics in this video were cool but they make it more difficult to grasp the information. In Ford truck commercials they do what they are supposed to distract from the lack of info.


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