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Poker Vlog Episode 24: L.A. Poker Pit End 3/5 NLH

On my way to LA participating in a brief poker session ahead of conference a several friends that reside in the space. Playing 3/5 NLH at Hollywood Park On line casino the place I go in excess of my major 5 hands.

Hand one (77) – :forty two-two:10

Hand two (88) – two:11-two:38

Hand 3 (AJo) – two:39-3:38

Hand 4 (QQ) – 3:39-3:55

Hand 5 (KJs) – 3:56-4:11

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  1. I'm sorry, but the name "Poker Statistician" is a stretch for you. I expected to be watching an intelligent, math-based poker channel. This is just another one of these YouTube vloggers that aren't profitable enough poker players so they make videos to help keep their bankroll steady. But then you're spending time filming and editing instead of at the poker table. I like your channel, I just think your channel name is extremely click-bait-y.

  2. I like a raise with a hand like 99+ and set mine with less in the 1st spot

  3. Hey Mat, what's the name of your opening track to this vlog?


  4. Great vlog man,  I like the content and that it's mostly just hand analysis. On the 77 hand, I have no idea why everyone is saying they like a larger squeeze there. That is always a flat in that spot. You're in for $5, so great price to flat for implied odds on other players besides original opener. (clearly a fold if it's just you and him) Short stack is never folding when he has only $38, so other players are getting a better price to flat your 3 bet to $100. If someone does come along to that 3 bet(which SB did), pretty much every flop without a 7 is going to be bad for you hand. Stack – Pot ratio is so low that any sort of equity from the other player is just going to get it in. Plus not to mention you're in an LA game full of crazy station players.

  5. I felt a lot of your preflop raises in $3/$5 were too small. Most raises in that game start at $30-$40. Also, I agree with the others that your 3-bet sizing was too small against the short stack. Add the pressure with 60bb; 3bets go a long way and the increased sizing will have you take most pots uncontested.

  6. I love how your always to the point and don't add fluff, not that that's always bad.

  7. great thing about poker is you can play anyway y want, in mho you try to outplay everyone all the time…not optimal at all

  8. First video, Subbed! Nice breakdowns!

  9. Jam all in 77 is my thinking.
    They need to have pp 88+, and call you with it. You still have two outs.
    More fold equity with all in.

  10. Good line on not checking down in the dark. Not profitable long term. Thanks for the content as always. Good stuff.

  11. Nothing is going your way!

  12. Check it down when there's another player in the hand? Horrible etiquette by that tool. Sounds like a lotta tools were ur opponents in this session.

  13. I like the squeeze there. Problem was is that hand in the small blind was exactly right for a call. I wouldn't have c bet that flop personally but he did make it easy for you with the donk bet.

  14. Ive never played there prob since 2005, i live in OC so i usually do the gardens or the bike . Nice remodel?

  15. Hercules cut scene was funny as fuck.

  16. pocket seven raise was ok all things considered( stack size and relative hand strength) you win on a lot of dry boards with that many folds pre. c bet will take it down more often than not. dude that paired hi queen also let you keep some of your money by leading out. he shoulda checked it and got that c bet off ya.

  17. Second

  18. First


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