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Poker Pro Jason Koon Performs $611k in Large Rollers in 1 7 days

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This summer season in Las Vegas, the PokerListings video clip crew adopted high-stakes poker pro Jason Koon working day in and working day out as he played the greatest week of match poker of his job. Koon competed in the $111k WSOP A single Fall Tremendous Large Roller, adopted by the $500k Aria Tremendous Large Roller Bowl, each in the similar week. In this shorter poker documentary we get a search inside of the way of living of a person of the world’s most successful high-stakes poker execs.

With interviews from some of the greatest names in poker such as Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Erik Seidel, Ike Haxton, Tom Marchese, Doug Polk, Jason Mercier and additional, we investigate the competitive push and exhaustive poker schooling that makes it possible for Jason Koon to thrive at the highest levels of the poker globe. We also converse to Koon’s girlfriend, a person of his oldest childhood good friends and the gentleman who was a father figure to Jason for considerably of his lifetime. Koon is a veteran poker pro who begun from the quite base participating in low-stakes on the net No-Restrict Hold’em.

He labored his way up to the highest levels and now places tens of millions of bucks in obtain-ins on the table every single yr. The fact he came from an underprivileged background in West Virginia only tends to make his good results additional spectacular. Check out the complete video clip to get to know Jason Koon better and enjoy him compete in the most costly poker tournaments on the world.

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  1. Definition of poker epic:
    $600K+ invested.
    -100% ROI

  2. i just cried seeing him loosing 600k+.

  3. Jason is a piece of shit. He said he going to embrace the structure. Then when blinds get high and he lost some chips, he says, "they give us a 12/24k with a 4k ante". STFU u fuckbag.

  4. great player… it's a shame he has zero personality

  5. Jason Koon is a beast and a obviously a great dude! Best of wishes to him! He earned it! The hard way.

  6. To the guy who called liv fugly u must gay not that being gay is a bad thing. 99 percent would drink her bath water

  7. damn liv be fugly

  8. This piece is really well done.

  9. Lol this series are just soo GOOD how theres so low views?

  10. Awesome film!


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