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The poker hand that outlined Squeeze Play!

In poker, squeeze participate in is a bluffing possibility that will come up soon after a player has earlier elevated and at minimum one particular other has identified as. A re-elevate there can often be seriously productive, especially towards free/free-aggressive gamers who will fold their arms, enabling you to get the pot.Enjoy as Dan Harrington’s squeeze participate in in the following hand, taken from the WSOP 2004 Key Party Remaining Table.
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  1. Really good channel. Clear videos, nice little jingle, and always well put together!

  2. Action Dan!

  3. it was just beaty

  4. This is why 3 betting small suited aces is a lot more standard today, hard to continue vs a squeeze

  5. lol he was sporting the snapback

  6. Thank you for sharing (I've seen before but forgot how it went down). Your videos are always straight to the point

  7. "bluffing with 62 off suite, now that's poker" i couldn't agree more Lon

  8. squeeze = 3bet against raiser + any number of callers (not only preflop, but also postflop)
    your description is wrong: you don't just bluff with the squeeze

    in this particular hand Dan exploited the button with a rag hand, I'm not a big fan of 62o play but his image was more than enough to force everyone fold any hand except KK+ and AK, so that's what happened

  9. Amazing how much of poker today was catalyzed by WSOPs 2003-2006

  10. Dan Harrington – best poker books

  11. Dope move lmao

  12. Great video. Also liked the short explanation of the term "Squeeze play" in the beginning. I'd love to see more videos from that era, instead of 50-min episodes. You're doing a great work in this channel, please keep it up!

  13. what happened to him? I figure he's retired from poker?

  14. PokerXpress, I like your videos. If you can give me a quick shout out I will subscribe 🙂

  15. He mind fucked them

  16. Wow

  17. Nice

  18. Beautiful.


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