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HOW TO Vacation THE Earth….FOR Absolutely free

Master about the insider secrets of vacation hacking such as how to vacation the environment for totally free or for almost no income, the finest hotel rewards applications and how you can just take edge of these easy sources to vacation the environment cheaply!

:00 – :30 – Intro
:30 – 1:50 – Swimming in the infinity pool
1:50 – 2:30 Breakfast at the Hyatt Regency Phuket
2:30 – three:40 – Poolside
three:40 – four:30 – Traveling the DJI Mavic & Drone Footage
four:30 – five:20 – Capturing a moment and dodging the rain
five:20 – 6:15 – Massages at Cape Siena Phuket
6:15 – nine:00 – Vacation Hacking Secrets and techniques and Lodge Loyalty Courses
nine:00 – nine:30 – Outro

My favourite hotel loyalty applications:
1. Hyatt – CC website link:
2. Intercontinental – CC website link:
three. Starwood:

For extra vacation hacks adhere to

Audio: Just Wanna Operate by Sebastian Forslund

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  1. Didn't have time to watch, but I have an idea it's by… idk.. misleading others to donate 10k to you? Just admit u were looking for an an angle…. and ppl might forgive u

  2. Why youtube does not have a heart aside from like? lol
    Love this video Alec and Ambra! The view, workout, speech, things you do…
    I am doing my best with my Girlfriend, i am learning from her to not spend money on bullshit… Great advice!

    Good job!

    Looking forward to keep moving and learn from you A&A Torelli.

    PD: Mangos from Central America are really good as well 😉 ( El Salvador mangos (Y) hehe)


  3. damn this is great, one day i'd love to live a life like that ! Currently working towards it, thanks for being such an inspiration <3 greetings from germany

  4. Please keep them coming bro 🙂

  5. Its Kamala isn't it? 🙂

    Best place in Phuket. Already here for 4 months 🙂

  6. Nice footage! Keep up the good work 🙂 Looks beautiful there

  7. I love you your Vids… do you ever play poker (online) when you are traveling …? Greetings from Amsterdam

  8. traveled the world once didn't like it so just stayed in bed cheaper and was happier

  9. I'm glad Alec has 2 channels and I decided to follow this one I'm currently taking care of the things I have to in New York so I can travel the world and follow my goals he's inspired me

  10. Always grateful for a video from you Alec, cheers from hawaii


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