Texas Holdem

4-wager Bluffing at the Bellagio five/10 Tables

We are again right after an unanticipated crack! Yeah, sorry about that. Had to get the job done on some things powering the scenes, and I suppose August is the greatest time for a crack from Las Vegas poker. But now, it is really September! Which indicates it is really time to grind once more. Let’s get ideal into it: five/10 no limit texas holdem at the Bellagio.

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  1. Busi and I made a podcast! Check it out. (We think the quality will improve over time. And with your feedback. Maybe.) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tells-stories-about-poker-youtube-and-life/id1266793809?mt=2

    Also there seems to have been some changes made to the YouTube comments since I was gone. This is gonna take some getting used to. I'm already missing the blue thumbs up.

  2. Good vlog Andrew. What do you normally buy in for when you sit 5-10?

  3. Who else has resorted to just re-watching old vlogs…?

  4. Your queens hand sucked. Would you consider check raising the flop if he had more behind? It seems like a high % of his range would be betting that river so it could be a good play to massively raise the river? Thoughts anyone?

  5. HI Andrew I really enjoy your vlogs im a fellow poker player in Connecticut

  6. You think a lot like I do Buddy. Love your Vlogs.

  7. You put so much passion into these videos….

    What was your life before all this madness?!? I can only imagine the editing. Also, do you have time to poop?

  8. 17:31 Good laugh you gave me there with that

    "King High flush draw for us.
    Back door straight draw
    Back door 2 pair draw
    Back door trips draw"

    My friends would never understand the humor

  9. I am so good at figuring out what an opponent has just by the way he described the hand. When he had the QQ hand i said to myself "I bet opponent has A10, AJ, or AK. I was leaning towards A10 though. Then Neeme said he rolls over A10 šŸ™‚

  10. That fourth club killed you. Dude probably flopped it, too.

  11. Do you think there was some benefit from the SB to bet two pair on the river? Did he turn his hand into a weird bluff? I feel his sizing was too big to get some value against worse hands.

  12. great music!

  13. On that flopped club flush hand, you should have mucked the ace and showed him the 8.

  14. How old are you Andrew? I tried a quick google search and couldnt find an answer. I notice my body slowing down and Im 33.

  15. Andrew the hand at 16:00, I am making this comment before I see the conclusion of the hand… why is it unfortunate that a 4th club came on the turn?? In so many cases the player catches up there and you are going to be able to get so much more value than if brick brick come on turn and river. He could easily have a pair and a flush draw off the flop and now he could have a very strong holding after the turn. Just curious to why you think that is unfortunate. I understand that he could have a big pair and now he is afraid of the flush however if a club did not come on turn or river, how much value do you think you would get anyways against a one pair holding?? Probably not very much. I think the club coming on the turn is very ideal in most scenarios. Curious to your thoughts… still love the videos, keep up the good work my man.

  16. i would have played the nut flush hand differently post flop. since he is advertising he has at least a 2 pair or higher via his betting stance, i would play it as aggressive protection bets and make him pay to see the cards on turn and river. getting it all in there by river would have been great for you, but of course there is always the danger of the board pairing up and the villan catching the full boat.

  17. Hey Andrew I saw you playing at the Bellagio on Friday night of fight weekend. You were wearing that same striped sweater. I was waiting to see if you would leave the table for a break so that I could say hi, but I busted out and decided to leave. I had pocket 8's. He raised big pre-flop, I just flat called. Flop is 8, 7, A. Opponent bets out big again, I flat call again. Turn is a 7. He checks, I want to get max value and decide to make a small bet. I know he will call because he is very loose and over values his hands. Also, I know that if he calls, he doesn't have much behind and he will be committed on the river. He tanks for while before making the call. At this point I put him on Ax…If he had a 7 he would have bet it, or at least snap called my bet. River is an Ace, and he immediately goes all in. Two outs! and he got here. I knew I was beat, but I had not much behind so I had to call in case it was a stone cold bluff. He Turns over A, 2.

  18. J7. Make DAMN SURE this guy has a good time and come back

  19. The music sounds like chips shuffling!

  20. I always imagined a poker shark to be very bland and dry of emotion but you are the opposite and it's great to watch! when you talk about your hands I can tell you really feel it, your not a robot!

  21. "And I have an announcement, Busi and I have decided to start a fam… podcast!"
    Anyone else thought a mini favourable was on the way?!!


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