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Martin Koslov and Davidi Kitai enjoy a large hand at a WSOP Ultimate desk.

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  1. Hi Grant and David. At one point Grant says Kozlov is representing K8 or better. Can you explain why you cannot give him KJ or K10? He might be looking to get Kitai to call him with a wider range by polarizing his own range. In other words, if he bets smaller, Kitai has an easy call with a King, but by making a larger bet and polarizing his range, he can get Kitai to call him with even an 8 because Kozlov is supposed to show up either super strong or super weak, so any pair (or even A high) might be good.

    Thanks. I am a new listener/watcher and am loving the content. Keep it up!

  2. i'm quite sure would get more value calling the turn and raising the river

  3. The bet size on the river is terrible. If he bets 600k he gets called. This is why kitai doesn't understand what is going on, because if he had a deuce why would u not want to be paid. Terrible river bet, never a bluff

  4. If KQ is the top of Kitais range on the turn, could kozlov make a freroll-bluff with KQ himself on the turn and river?

  5. faced with a pair on the board and my pair k's I have two pair I would not go as the 2's represent a set which then always makes a full house possible

  6. I was in this situation once, when i 1st started playing. Then after about 4-5 plays, I realized that it's important to bet top pair on the flop. How do these jokers go deep in anything?

  7. Since the board is so dry… There isn't any bluff in Kozlov's range… So the river bet should be smaller, like 400k to 500k… Maybe can get a call?

  8. Kozlov played this hand poorly. He has minimal to no Bluff hands in his range. its really hard to find any reasonable bluffs in his range. His range here is way too strong unless he raises A high Q high randomly, which is just simply a bad play.

  9. I actually don't like Kozlovs sizing here(11:14), but maybe I'm wrong? I would bet something like 825k here and the reason is simple: that way my bluffs becomes a little bit cheaper.

    Do you guys think I'm just out "riding my bike" (as we say here in Sweden when someone don't know what the f*** they're talking about :P), or could that be a legit betting size as well?

  10. You acknowledge how dry the board is- making it very hard for Kozlov to raise a balanced turn range. How do you choose bluffs? maybe hands containing an 8 to block sets of 8s? God damnit the announcer just asked this question.
    my point is, most players will be raising in an exploitative way on that turn. And its getting too meta for a youtube comment

  11. The commentators where saying in this video (and you hear it briefly in this one) that they would be "semi-bluffing" with 33-77. While this isn't really a semi bluff it is still the highest equity bluff you can have on the turn.

  12. surprised
    that a pro took so long to think about this. its such an easy fold. blind special

    i played a tourney not too long ago. million guaranteed. i rivered Ace high flush. fucking nuts. and was followed by small blind player who just happened to play loose. board paired. he rivers boat against me. now thats a fucking nightmare

  13. Kitai may have avoided this by betting the flop and just taking it down.

  14. Down-voting every video that interrupts the content for an ad.

  15. Knowing your opponent and taking the hand in isolation distorts the analysis here.

    Koslov is a World Class player BUT this is his biggest FT by far.

    While he's calling pre flop with any 2 he is NOT cold 3-betting the turn with anything less than K8 … in this hand, on that board in THIS tournament. He is near the CL in a $10k WSOP with 5 left 3 of which have between 10bbs-20bbs. This fact isn't great for GTO, or any other analysis (as much as I enjoyed the Poker guys take of it!). Its pretty clear that simple game strategy dictates this.
    There will be better situations for Koslov to bluff than this hand and while Kitai takes 10 minutes to work this out but HE DOES work it out which is why he is, also, World Class.

  16. K82 rainbow driest flop in holdem, period

  17. Wait, so why can't Koslov have a king in this hand? I feel like some of the time he can also have king/queen or king/jack here.

  18. which good reasons does kitai have to not 3b abusing of bonomos mid stack? and if hes 1st consideration is that bonomo is shoving often enought to blow him out his KQs asuming bonomo knows kitai is going to be pushing him and have to defend harder. specially when the 2 shorts already fold

  19. Didn't they already do this one?

  20. I could see some bluffs by smaller pocket pairs from Koslov, as Kitai is a player that has a huge folding and calling range on this river (he can hero call with practically the bottom of his range and fold the top of it). You already discussed how Koslov can make Kitai fold KQ here, so since we are so polarized we can also get paid off against some Ace high heroes if Kitai is putting us on air (which totally makes sense given it looks like 2 or nothing).

  21. I disagree when you say that the 6 on the river changes nothing. Kozlov can have pocket sixes and play it this exact way. It's a reasonable candidate for bluff raising on the turn, if you are going to have any bluffs.

  22. This has been said already, but if Kitai folds this hand, he's folding every hand.
    Against a bad, unbalanced player who's never bluffing, you can make hero folds like that, but Koslov isn't one of those players. It's absolutely 100% a must call barring live reads (which Kitai probably got tbh) but "barring live reads" is true of any situation.

  23. If you call the turn, you have to call the river. This is just bad player logic.

    If you have no folding range on the river. Then why would player B bluff? I hate it when bad players go – I called the turn, yip it de do dah – I am going to call the river.

    Kitai has the top of range but doesn't beat the bottom the villian's betting range. Fold worse kings, call KQ is clearly the GTO move. But Kitai is Kitai he feels it is more likely he is bluffing in a spot he has it or doesn't have it. He had it, well done Kitai – you was spot on this time :).

    I will add 33/44/55/66/77 make sense as bluffs. As does any ace high. As does any 2 cards.

    On the turn he is reaping the same as the river. But on the turn Kitai can be delay C betting with a random bluff so I do find it is a mandatory call. On turn we are somewhat underrepresented – we need to station once.

    Defo GTO check/bet/call/call

    But we do only just beat a bluff.

  24. Seems like Kitai has a pretty balanced soul-reading range here. He picked up the massive soul read on the turn when he saw Koslov's blood pressure shoot through the roof. Rather than making the snap fold on the river, he tanked…for balance.

  25. I believe the major point of this hand is the tournament situation, including the two big stacks and ICM considerations. In a cash game, it would be a typical cooler; nothing more and nothing less. Here, however, Koslov`s big bet size OTR, combined with the fact that he generally can not hope to get TP to fold ( if Kitai has less than that, less should do the job as well) , in a spot where he is supposed to bluff less often than in general, can make the difference. Also, worth to notice is that he raised into the EP opener on the turn as well, who very well still can have 88/KK, or at least AA/AK/KQ.

  26. Steve aioki got lucky against AIDSy Jesus

  27. I don't like that Kitai didn't raise to knock out the BB and isolate the short stack. Since he didn't, I like the fact that he checked that super dry flop. the rest of the action is super standard. Good fold, but not great because I can't think of any bluffs, but maybe Koslov bluffed more previously.

  28. All I know is, if I ever end up at a table with Kitai, I would just show him my hands. It will be less painful than letting him penetrate my soul.

  29. I like the analysis, but, come on guys, the flag of Katai's country (Belgium) is shown right next to his name…

  30. I don't like the river bet. Two reasons – first, it's easier to get paid off if we bet closer to 750,000. Second, the times we are bluffing the turn we may need to fire a river bet as well, and I'd prefer to fire something that looks more like a value-ish bet but still cheaper than pot sized. I understand the bet on the turn means trips or better, which means the river bet is polarized so a close to pot sized bet mathematically makes sense. But I think in a tournament setting the ICM and gameplay factor lend credence to a slightly smaller bet on the end.

  31. For me this comes down to what level Koslov is on, specifically: is he capable of range merging on his turn raise (see the recent Phil Ivey hand the Poker guys did) or is he always polarized? If he is always polarized, you might expect that it is hard for him to be balanced here since it is hard coming up with bluffs, but he can have almost all the value. In that case (and this must have been Kitai's read), folding becomes at least an option, even though the fold is still very impressive. If on the other hand Koslov is capable of raising the turn with a less polarized range (which again makes sense for value, since he seems to be pushing a range advantage and that might elicit Kitai to be stickier. After all isn't he the brilliant hero-call machine?), KQ is a very clear call and folding the very top of your range is out of the question


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