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I definitely wasn’t going to engage in Poker…No, Definitely!

With no intentions on taking part in at all, I expended the working day traveling to buddies Adam & Grace, receiving drone footage and cleaning the property…

Then my cell phone rang…

How I Review:

-The digital camera I use when walking close to and speaking is:
Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II
-Recording of palms is done working with a
Samsung Be aware eight
-Some in motor vehicle shots and all time-lapses are done with a
Cooau 4k Total High definition motion Camera 12MP Activity Cam
-My present-day drone is the DJI Spark with the “Fly Extra Package”

-Enhancing computer software
Ultimate Slice Pro ten.3.3 with some plugins
Motion 5 with some plugins

-Present-day Equipment:
MacBook Pro(15-inch, 2017)
2.eight GHz Intel Main i7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB
Intel High definition Graphics 630 1536 MB

Music by:
DJ Quads:
Jeff Kaale:

Get hold of Information:
My Channel:

Comply with me on Twitter:
SC: Killogram



  1. I'm a aspiring young poker player, been watching tons of vlogs and studying!

  2. Somehow just discovered your videos 2 days ago and I’m already hooked. Keep up the great work, keep grinding

  3. Watched your ad all the way threw so you can get that NBA check/YouTube check.

  4. Trooper is a dishonest lying punk that doesn't keep his word. Please don't hang out with him, please.

  5. Great Bro! I really appreciate it. Shout out from KSA AKA Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia!

  6. new subscriber here, great stuff. do you cashout in black chips instead of cash for bankroll purposes?

  7. Jaman, do you play home games? I invented this app to manage home games. No dealer mistakes or worrying about chip integrity. Cheaper than a deck of cards.

  8. The song starts at 5:30 seconds?
    appreciate your reply

  9. Hey been watching and enjoying your page, keep it up. However I need some info about your music. where can I download them??

  10. Tuesday Takeover! Lol

  11. Used to watch Andrew Neeme & Daniel Negreanu. They have nothing on you brother 😛

  12. really enjoy your videos. content looks clean and videos are entertaining. if i may, id suggest working on your bet sizing and plans for hands. i think you left some value on the table (without knowing stack sizes). I typically play 1/2-2/5 NLHE and PLO on the east coast (AC,philly, etc) and the play of the fish seems similar. One hand i noticed in particular is the hand when you had KhJd and the board came K high all diamonds. I like your flat call on the flop, but on the turn i'd like to see you size your bet up a little (closer to 50-60) especially if your plan is to check back on brick rivers, i.e. if you get only 2 streets of value, its best to make the streets bigger . It charges diamonds when you have the best hand and he rarely ever has you beat when he checks. if you're betting small to keep worse Ks in, i like a small value bet on the river too then to make up for the lost turn value. Just one example but sizing changes can greatly increase your win rate. Not sure if strategy talk is welcomed here or not but keep up the good content.

  13. Hey what kind of camera do you use to film at the tables?

  14. Keep rolling man. Vlog is getting better and better. Quick question, I know you showed Grace and Dan and her sister previously. But did you not show Adam because he only has a face for radio? Lmfao keep up the great work as well as the run good!!

  15. Greetings from Austria. ( schnitzel not kangaroo 😉 ) You are great! The best Poker Vlog on YouTube!

  16. You gotta give the info, how do you get shots of your hands?

  17. 34d, you gotta call raises, RAISE when they win and show………now you are officially unpredictable.

  18. Awesome Content man!

  19. My husband and I are huge fans from TN (Especially him). Hopefully we will see you when we visit St. Louis this week! Keep the vlogs coming!!! Added you on IG and Snapchat!

  20. My man Jaman!!!

  21. Do you wear all the Bieber stuff ironically or do you really like him that much?


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