Texas Holdem

Stripper Pole IN the Shower!

Couldn’t assistance myself with the clickbait on this a single…

We can examine yet another Las Vegas casino residence off the listing of places we haven’t been to together however: The Palms. Want to end by there to A) reminisce about the poker place, which is no for a longer period there, but utilised to be a most loved of mine, and B) assistance out Reid Youthful as he shoots some stuff for his PokerSprout teaching web page and YouTube channel. His web page is a single that I recommend, specifically for novices, so examine it out listed here:

Right after wrapping up the shoot, let us get back again on the grind. Again to the $5/$ten no limit holdem tables at the Bellagio.

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  1. You seem to be a nice guy. However you just run good all the time???? No one could beat RUN GOOD.
    By the way you might want mention to people that a lot of poker players are broke and let the people who watch your VLOG know what grinding could do your finances and your social life. Be a FUCKING MAN DISCOURAGE YOUNG KIDS/PEOPLE IN GENERAL

  2. Thanks for another interesting video. I don't blame you for asking to run it twice. Look at it this way he could have won hand, if you didn't

  3. I think it would have been appropriate to ask Chan and Hansen if they'd like to see your stripper poll

  4. Keep it up man gotta grab me one of those tees

  5. In the TT vs AQ hand, why not raise the flop or turn? Do you expect him to triple barrel bluff often on that board? Are you worried about a scare card ruining your action?

  6. I finally know, why I never manage to make trips out of my paired hands. To make statistics true, I suffer from your luck! Cheers mate!

  7. I love that two high stakes legends happen to be playing in Bobby's room at 6:45am.

  8. Andrew your Blogs get better every time ….keep the grind going ..David from Ireland

  9. 6:54 lol make it sound like you lost the hand. humble guy, respect.

  10. never play in a game that runs it twice . impo running it twice is for weak players and nits poker is about getting weak players on tilt and letting them set there money on fire

  11. Just wanted to say your vlogs are the best on youtube because you found your format and you consistently deliver a great product. So tired of starting to like another vlog just to have them completely change in the attempt to stay fresh. if aint broke dont fix it.

  12. what was the opponent's hand with 444JJ?

  13. Hey Andrew, I was wondering when did you first get into playing poker? THANKS BRETT LOTT

  14. In the future, just skip the part about flopping a set, we all know it is gonna happen. Just get right to 4th and 5th street. 🙂

  15. A company I worked for used to get us a block of rooms in the Palms for the DefCon conference that used to be at the Rio. One year one of our guys got in really late due to flight delays and when they checked in the Palms didn't have their room so they put him up in one of these suites… named the "Erotica Suite"! It had a shower that had a stripper pole and the one of the glass walls could electronically fog up because it was a shared wall with the living room space!

    But get this, the guy who got the room for a night was 19 years old! He didn't know what to do with a room like this. Great room… But the stripper poll was greasy?!?!?!

    … and the poker room was a lot of fun because you could watch the big screens!

  16. I flopped bottom set vs top 2 yesterday on my vacation to atlantic city also! It was indeed a recipe for making the max. Got me ALL THE WAY UNSTUCK for the trip 🙂

  17. Love the fireworks shots at the end.

  18. favorable!


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