Texas Holdem

Rounding California Poker Rooms

Not just one, not two, but three California poker venues in this monstrous vlog. So substantially footage and so very little time, so it really is a jam packed episode. You will find pocket aces, there is certainly just one of my favorite cocktail bars, there is certainly chipporn… It really is all inside.

To start with observe by Julian Avila:
Second observe by Johan Lilja:

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  1. When the chips come in at 6:34 i'm just thinking "whoah you got raised"

  2. Does anyone know what type of camera Andrew uses when filming the hands. Would be great to get something like that to look back at my hands after a session.

  3. San Manuel is cool but you should've went to Pechanga instead just past Yucaipa down the 15 like you're headed towards San Diego

  4. Quality vid

  5. I'm sorry but exactly how did 444 beat your straight?

  6. Why does it always seem like Andrew is eating a jolly rancher while he discusses these hands?

  7. I play at San Manuel !!!!!

  8. i need to move to the states Lol canada just doesnt have the same action.

  9. I don't know if you've ever got this, but you look like Sean Daniels, a guitarist on youtube. Also similar tone of voice, and style of personality. y'all should switch lives.

  10. Love the music! Very classy.

  11. As always, great vlog.
    Just played 3/5, $100-$300 at HPC today. Saw Normal Chad there in the high limit room. I had a good beginning and then pissed it all away by not being patient. Need to exam my play to see why but part of it was being unlucky (like pushing $250 to a raiser of $105 with a board of J, 7, 4 rainbow when I had A/J, then him calling with his remaining $245 w/ J/8 off-suit for him just to hit an 8 on the river) to starting to get frustrated and playing too many suited connectors and middle pairs and not getting favorable flops.
    Started with $300, got up to $700, dumped that and bought back in for another $300. Ran okay for a while then dumped that as well. Just no connected boards with decent to sub-par holdings. While watching guys call $65 pre-flop bets with 8/3 suited hit two pair on the flop and take it down. Same guy cashed out for $1400 with only a $200 buy in. Some times it's just not your day.
    Love the Hustler too, just wish I had enough scratch to play the 8/16 limit with the $40K jackpot. Seems to hit more than you'd think.
    Looking forward to the next vlog. 🙂

  12. I like those yellow $5 chips.

  13. Use air bnb. Or use hotel gift card/ cash back. I see your struggle cuz 100-200$ weekend hotel is a bullet to bite

  14. One thing I've always liked about your videos is the fact that they always end so clean. The fact that you do not ask for a thumbs up or a follow is something that in my opinion gives the Vlog Premium quality.

  15. Reason to watch Neeme's Vlog's #69: Shazaming his dope instrumental playlist

  16. Keep up the great work, Andrew. You and Brad are righteous dudes.

  17. love ya Neeme. I wish I had a 2300 as a bankroll

  18. San Manuel lol Inland Empire (I.E.) a.k.a. Insane Empire

  19. Hey Andrew love the vlogs, great watching, just seems like when you have monster hands AA for example and you 3bet preflop your opponents allways call, do they ever fold to your 3bets?

  20. The girl at 3:44 was gonna ask u if u looking for Company. Lol.

  21. Someone that beats the game for 6-10 bbs per hour is doing something right. He errors on the side of call admittedly and others error on side of folding too much. No poker player is perfect or perfect at Game Theory when it comes to this stuff but I guess the trolls think they are

  22. Fascinating conversation with Tuchman, great content again Andrew!


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