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Could you make a terrific poker player throw absent his pocket Aces?

How uncomplicated is it to make a poker player, permit on your own an attained experienced poker player, throw absent his pocket Aces? In this movie, we watch as Sam Trickett tries to earn a pot with second pair in opposition to Jason Mercier. What would you do in the river?
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  1. Not like he bluffed at it. Sam thought he had the best hand.

  2. where's that great poker player you are talking about in the title? xD

  3. strange hand and bets

  4. Damn

  5. What does trickett even put Mercier on

  6. Straight gets there on the river also

  7. What caliber? He made a bet , the guy with aces folded . If he had called he would have won. It all depend on if the guy has balls or not . In this case he didn't , so he loses .


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