Texas Holdem

Bonus Chapter for Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em

In this video, Byron Jacobs discusses the bonus chapter he wrote for Excelling at No-Limit Holdem, which is free for anyone who purchases the book or eBook. He also discusses advanced heads-up strategies and shows a few hands he played recently. source

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Texas hold'em – Full House Wipe Out!

Texas hold’em 🃏 A Flush on the Flop, can you be consistent and take a good look at what your opponent might get? on the turn is game set and match, the Flush is swiped off by a Full House! Join our crew at ⁠ #poker #cards #pokeronline #casino #pokerlife[…]

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[Poker & Probability] – Probability of getting A Two Pair

My Patreon page: The full poker odds probability playlist: Poker cards created by Brgfx – Freepik.com Math videos by Subject (Poker Probability is in Precalculus): _________________________________________________________________ Full Playlist of Algebra 1 videos: Full playlist of geometry videos: Full Playlist of Algebra 2 videos: Full Playlist of Trigonometry Videos: Full Playlist[…]

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I FLOPPED QUADS! AWESOME Ultimate Texas Hold'em Hand! #shorts

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Texas hold'em – Four on the River!

Texas hold’em 🃏 A lower unsuited three of a kind, that’s the hand you’re dealt with, at the flop this seems like a reasonable hand, at the turn, most will have folded based on the odds, at the river, quads come in to play! Join our crew at ⁠ #poker[…]

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