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The Truth About Win Rates | How to Maximize Your Multi Table Hourly Rate

It’s really tough to become a winner at poker. But once you climb that mountain and are able to beat the games you play in, then what? After you become a winning player it’s time to start thinking about how to best use your time at the tables. In this video, we’ll discuss the truth about win-rate and how to squeeze the most possible profit out of your poker sessions.

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I mean, you can be the biggest crusher in the world but if you’re playing too many tables, or not enough, you are likely to make a lot less money over the long term versus someone who is maybe a mediocre poker player but plays the perfect number of tables to fit the games he is playing based on his win-rate and the reward system in place on his chosen poker site. To that end, I’ll give you two ways to determine your optimal number of tables with the goal of maximizing your long-term hourly rate.

If you are on a site that has a lot of recreational players with a low VIP reward system, you are likely much better off playing fewer tables, usually between 2 and 8 in order to obtain a high win-rate and in turn an optimal hourly rate. On the other hand, if you play on a site more geared toward grinders that has a lot of bonuses, rakeback, or rake race type rewards, you are often much better off mass multi-tabling somewhere between 8 and 24 tables. Your goal in this situation is to find that sweet spot between win-rate and maximum rewards. Often, a break-even to slight win-rate will be optimal.

Now, before going forward, I recommend that you move down at least one stake in order to do these exercises, since it may require you to play outside of your comfort zone while using this trial and error technique. This also assumes that you are at least somewhere in the neighborhood of a 4bb or better winner when you are playing one or two tables. If you are barely squeezing out a 1 or 2 bb win-rate playing 4 tables or less, then you are better off sticking to a very low number of tables while you continue learning and improving.

The first method that you can use to find your best number of tables is also the easiest and is based more on feel than anything else. In fact, you can find your perfect number of tables in less than an hour. All you do is start with 2 tables and play as normal. Every 5 minutes just add 1 more table. Once you feel rushed on decisions and are not able to put in the necessary thought process to make quality decisions, drop back 1 table and you have found your ideal number of tables to play in your sessions.

The 2nd way to find your optimal number of tables may take a few days or even a few weeks before you find that perfect number. What you do is load up the maximum number of tables allowed on the site or as many as you feel like you could possibly keep up with. This will vary for everyone since being able to mass multi-table is definitely a learned skill that takes practice. Some might think 8 tables is a crazy amount to play while others are bored playing only 24 tables. Go with whatever you think you could handle without disastrous results. But push the boundaries as much as possible. Once you decide on a starting number, play as normal.

I call this the Gradual Table Reduction method of playing sessions, or GTR which I covered a few years ago in my book Automatic Poker. Once you are down to 4 tables, end the session. It might take you a few dozen sessions to get enough data to get a relative idea of what your optimal number of tables is. You also will want to set the poker tracking tab to EV win-rate, to help take variance out of the equation.

In summary, finding that perfect number of tables to play will help you realize your highest possible hourly rate and allow you to make the most money possible. After all, isn’t that what the object of the game is? Please comment below and let me know which poker site you play on and what your perfect multi-tabling setup is, I’m curious to know what you guys come up with. By the way, I wrote an article on the subject of win-rates and hourly rates, check it out at Now go get busy winning more money and thanks for watching

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